Translation request: Chinese to English.

I’ve asked about the fire / thermal properties of some foam and have been sent this page in Chinese. Unfortunately, I can’t read Chinese. Can some kind Doper please translate it for me? Searching using the Roman text hasn’t proved particularly helpful although it does confirm they’re fire tests.

Here ya go:

It gets the gist of it

The test methodology uses a set of Chinese standards:

Couldn’t find a comprehensive English translation for all of them, but if you search the GB/T id for each one, there’s usually a website or two that describes what the test actually is.

*Edit: Some notes (I read a little Chinese):

The last row just says “Following rows left blank on purpose”

For rows 6&7, the last column means “Qualified for S3”, which presumably means they failed the S2 tests because they exceeded the requirements.

Row 2’s test result is actually 2.2, not “twenty two”.

Wow. I didn’t know Google Translate could cope with pictures.

I did Google the GB/T id but the results were not helpful other than confirming that they’re fire tests.

Google doesnt; I first OCRed it with Acrobat and FineReader.

You might want to start another thread asking about the fire tests… that’s more specialized knowledge than translation.