"Traveler" returns/debuts tonight (5/30)

“Traveler,” about a couple of crazy kids who have to go on the run after their friend blows up a museum, returns/debuts tonight on ABC. The pilot aired a few weeks back as a “sneak preview” and it plus the next episode air tonight. There was some interest following the debut so tune in/set your recorders if you’re so inclined.

I’m not watchin’ it. The pilot was interesting, but I don’t really need to devote another hour to tv. Also, I’d bet money that either:

  1. The writing totally turns to crap; or

  2. It remains intriguing, but gets abruptly cancelled before we have any kind of handle on What the Hell is Going On.

It’s entertaining summer fare, but now that the pilot is over and the second episode is starting the only thing I’m wondering about is when the one-armed man is going to appear.

So far, I’m enjoying “Traveler.” The gorgeous dark-haired guy who plays Jay could just stand and stare at the camera and recite the phone book and I’d keep watching.

One thing troubles me: this show has kind of a “Day Break” vibe about it, and “Day Break” got the axe before its season was even halfway done. If this show gets the rug pulled out from under it, I am going to be really, really pissed off.

I liked the idea, and the pilot was enjoyable, but that second episode was pure crap.

Wooden acting, stupefyingly predictable “twists”, and moronic behavior by our two fellas on the lam. I gave up and went to bed with 10 minutes left in the show.

The only way this show would work is if it were on the BBC. You can not maintain a good show that is based on a chase for multiple seasons. If it is designed to come to a conclusion after a set (low) number of episodes I’ll keep watching. If they hope to continue it through multiple seasons it won’t work.

(Don’t bring up the Fugitive. That was a different type of show, more like the old Incredible Hulk show)

“Prison Break” is still going strong, even though it was initially planned as a one-season show.

Prison Break was planned as a two season show, and the last episode of season two played as a finale with a really crappy season 3 cliff-hanger added on. As far as I’m concerned, it got two great seasons, Michael, Linc and Dr Sarah lived happily ever after, and the show is now retired.

This is the most recent thread on this show that I can find. I watched all 8 episodes this weekend, and Baldwin was correct on both points. That was a pretty dull way to end the series. That “fourth branch” stuff especially had me laughing…how many times has THAT been done before in spy stories? Although it was an interesting concept to blow up a museum in order to destroy paintings that prove a fourth branch of government being established.