Travian Game Ends

The game on Server 7 of Travian just ended in the early hours of this morning. After a year of effort an alliance composed largely of new and inexperienced players managed to go from a small, unnoticed group in the outskirts of the map to a juggernaut that tied for third place. It was only a few months ago that anyone in the game at large took notice of us, and by the end we positioned our group of ~80 souls to pose a serious threat to the server favorite, an alliance of hundreds.

Through a competent and dedicated leadership we were able to achieve a level of organization that attracted the attention of many of the largest and best players on the server (many of whom have expressed interest in joining us for the next round).

In the end it was a great experience and I am looking forward to the next round. In short, you should totally join us when the server restarts in a few weeks, it is going to be awesome.

Wow, has it been a full game already? I was with you guys when you started out, but life got in the way and I had to quit. Good to hear you did so well, though.

Good job to you all. I got bored with the game around Christmas. If I recall correctly, the game started last summer. That’s a whole year of resource management. Yikes! I never would have made it that long. Though it was fun for a while.

What was your Travian name, Alistair? Or were you just in a different wing of SDMB and that’s why I don’t recognize you?

It was fun, but I think it drags out a little too long. I started to get bored with it a few months ago but stuck it out to see things through to the end. The end game is pretty boring once your army is gone and you’re just logging in a bunch of times a day to ship resources to the Wonder. I don’t think I’ll play again next round but who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll change my mind.

I took over El Roo’s account around February. Next game I plan on actually using my own name.

Admittedly it is in large part a game of numbers and resource management, but I love games like that. I especially liked it because it does not take all that much time to play. I would say I spent an average of maybe 10 minutes a day. And only once did I need to slightly reschedule my day around it (had to help Captain_C feed his army as it moved).

I for one am proud that us dopers were able to fly under the radar for 8 months of the game, just quietly making our enemies disappear into the night. Then about last March it became apparent that we had a pretty good shot at winning the server. I’m proud to have tied for 3rd, especially since many of us had not played before. We were also the alliance that tied many of the competing alliances together to make an attempt at beating the all-encompassing GEMINI alliance (Boo!). Diplomacy and strategy for the win! (ok, close to win)

Yay, good job guys!

(I was part of the original group last fall, but I had to drop out because it was too much of a time sink. In retrospect it was a good idea. I can’t imaging having kept up that pace until now!)