Travian - multiplayer browser game about building a village

I’ve been playing Travian for a few weeks now, and I am wondering if any other Dopers are around.

Basically, you control a village on a map with thousands of other players. Fields produce resources, and these resources can be spent on new buildings, field upgrades, and soldiers. The eventual idea is to get an army together and raid your neighbors’ villages. The upgrade system works much the way that Eve Online does, in that you can start an upgrade and it will progress while you are logged out.

If anyone else plays, I’d be interested in getting an alliance together. I am on the 3x server (three times the speed of normal servers, I’m impatient like that). Username is Captain_C. My village is Didjabringabeeralong at location -117, -92.
Oh, one more thing. Make sure you go to the U.S. servers at You do not want the German servers located at

You have my loyalty, Captain_C! The Fight Against Ignorance isn’t going so well, so lets just slaughter them all in the name of Cecil Adams!
Cog Village at -7, -154, population: 2 Romans
Warning: I have no Idea what I am doing, but this is fun so far!

Anyone know if there’s a way to sign up to the US servers from the UK, if there is I’ll probably start on there again. I gave up before because it took too long to get going, but that was on a 1x server.

I played this about two years ago. Warning - it will overtake your life and soul.

Have fun!

I joined up earlier, and once I’m closer to the end of my Newbie Protection period I’ll build an embassy and join up with Captain_C… I do have a question though: since I’m immune from conquest at first, I’m focusing on infrastructure, but what kind of army and defenses should I be shooting for when my safety period ends? (I’m playing as the Gauls, if that helps.)

I played for awhile until I realized that the game’s lifespan is only a few months. Then they have a big end of server campaign where something, I’m not quite sure what it is, happens and the server gets reset. Then you have to start all over again.

Concentrate on resource production during your protection period, and don’t worry about any defense until that time is almost up. Also, read the guide(s) for your tribe in the forums for some tips on how to get rolling.

My population is already up to 31, most of my resource fields are at level 1, and a couple wood and clay fields are at level 2.

OK, I’m in. Player name is tanstaafl; village is Rlyeh at -47,-120. Playing Romans.

Dunno what I’m doing yet but I’m upgrading a wheat field.

The game reminds me a lot of Ikariam. Anyone playing it? I’m on the Iota server there.

It seems as if when you’re starting off, it’s best to keep your resources reasonably balanced: improve one wheat, then one wood, then one metal, and so forth… this keeps you from having to wait long periods for that one, maddeningly slow resource to regenerate.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I was doing actually. I didn’t realize that the times for the first few levels were measured in seconds, not minutes; too used to Ikariam I guess.

Anyway, I got most of my resources up to 1 before I ran out of clay; waiting on it now. Fortunately, all of my clay resources are already up to 1. In wait mode now though.

Do we have an alliance name?

I played Ikariam for a while, but got bored with it. Mostly because there were two players that kept themselves 1 attack short of bashing me EVERY FREAKING DAY. I just got tired of dealing with it.

I don’t have my embassy up to a high enough level yet to start an alliance, but I will within a day or two. First person who does get one high enough, get some invites out! the SDMB Horde will rule! (or more likely, get wiped out by people who know what they are doing)

For some reason i can register on the us site from home. does it matter which race i choose, and which location should i be choosing?

Just make sure you got the “3x server”
Pick any race you want. Romans are the best offensive, Gauls are the best defensive, and Teutons are the best at raiding and pillaging.
Pick any location you want. Looks like three of us are already in the Southwest.

Started now, Sunnydale (-105|-82). When i level the resources is it best to get them all to level 1, then level 2 etc, or should i focus on just one field of each resource and level it up as high as i can?

Nonono, definitely seek balance: if you overbuild one specific resource it’ll increase significantly faster than the others, leaving you waiting for long periods with little to do until your resources rebuild.

I mean should I do each field to level one, then each to level 2, then level 3 etc, or should i do just one of each resource type, upgraded as fast as i can, i.e. given the cost and time of upgrading am i better off with loads of low level mines, or a few high level ones?

I’ll try it… but i’m notorious for giving up on these things quickly.

K…how do I change the town name? It will be Blesd’cor.
And what do you mean by a raid free period?

You get a better “return on investment” if you upgrade all the fields of a certain type to level 1, then all to 2, etc.