Travis McGee's Busted Flush

There are diagrams of Nero Wolfe’s brownstone. Are there any plans or drawings of the Busted Flush? Any mention of who made her or what model she is?

Don’t recall anything other than it’s a 52-foot, barge-style houseboat. One could probably get a pretty good ideal of the layout from a close reading of all the novels.

When in Fort Lauderdale, visit the Bahia Mar marina and see the slip where McGee supposedly parked it. There’s a plaque.

Well, a Google image search on “busted flush” is obviously not very helpful… shows a diagram of a porta-potty…

Some of the books have a drawing of the Flush on the cover; you might be able to work up a diagram from that.


Glad you asked, I hadn’t searched in a while. The first one I found:

It’s been quite a while since I read them but wasn’t there a Busted Flush and a Busted Flush II which he got after the original was blown up?

The Flush had a big hunk blown out of it and was repaired while McGee recuperated. That’s the only explosion I recall.

I believe Meyer’s boat, the Thorsten Veblen (?) was destroyed in one book and replaced with another boat named after another economist.

A custom made houseboat but no Busted Flush II and was Meyer’s new boat the John Maynard Keynes?

Yep, the John Maynard Keynes . I don’t recall the Flush ever getting destroyed, though it got banged up pretty good several times.

The Keynes got destroyed and replaced with the Veblen, not the other way around.