Treasure Hunters 7/10

With the elimination of the Wyld Hanllyns, the average team IQ rose by about 30 points. Tonight, will Team Air Force recover from last week’s tumble from first place? Will the effing Fauxgals keep on suckering teams into helping them, only to stab them in the back? Will any of the other teams become recognizable enough that we can tell them apart?

The Browns are on borrowed time. I’d like to see the Fauxgals ousted tonight, but I’d bet on the Browns being out for good this time.

Much as I love them, because I heart nerds, I think the Geniuses are not much longer for this Race … er, Hunt. They’re smart, but smug, and their egos will do them in, I fear. Which is quite the frightening thought, actually – nerds with egos. Especially that bad egg, Francis. He reminds me of every single one of my sister’s ex-boyfriends for some reason. Except, I expect that Francis will one day be gainfully employed. Hopefully.

So…they’re selling one of the members of their team for $30,000? :dubious: Or the chance for $30K.

Why is Mrs. Fauxgal acting like Katie is suggesting that they give her up forever? This isn’t Sophie’s Choice, for God’s sake.

Maybe they are giving her up forever. Maybe that’s the real twist. Don’t come back for the person and they are taken under by the swamp monsters!!

It sure makes an interesting twist, and a hard one.

Darn, i had a phone call and now I am lost. The young girl was hysterically saying she couldn’t go on and for her arents to leave her, now everyone is coming back for the players they left behind. what ig going on?

At the 4th of the quilt map boxes, teams are told that if they feel they can function better as a two person team they can eliminate a teammate. They have to take a 1.5 hour one way boat ride and only two can ride at a time, so by coming back for the third teammate the teams spend 3 hours on transport. Kayte (I know, but that’s how those awful people spell it) was begging her parents to ditch her, and if it were me you wouldn’t have to tell me twice, but they came back for her. This is potentially a really interesting twist but it looks like only the “Geniuses” are considering it. Isn’t it just the Browns’ luck that they could turn an injury into an advantage by being forced to ditch a player, only to have the “Geniuses” undercut them.

Heh. We should be so lucky.

What did Charles say when Francis asked him if he thought they had a chance without Sam (the left behind one {not the Left Behind one})? Of course they didn’t caption that part, but I thought Charles said, “No.” I think the Geniuses are considering it, but I’d be surprised if they actually go through with it. Then again, that Charles is really twitchy, and Francis has some crazy sidebrun action going on, so I don’t know. (I also suspect that the Browns are more than 3 hours behind the Geniuses, but we have no way to know that, do they? Stupid “To Be Continueds …”)

I also don’t understand the editing of this show. We hardly ever see any of the teams in action – what is the deal with that? Are these people really that boring? We see more of the (not Phil!) host than of the teams (except for Screaming Kayte Fogal). MORE TEAMS!

I can’t stand the Fogal girl (that sounds redundant). I was torn between wanting them to leave her behind, and not wanting Mom and Dad Fogal to have a big lead on the other teams.

Maybe, except it looked to me like they had to take the injured one all the way back to the plantation, and I don’t think they’d even made it to the first box yet. Looks to me like the Genii will have plenty of time to come back for their third.

They can’t make up enough time to finish first, they can’t lose enough time to be eliminated, no matter what they do they’ll start out the next leg even with all the other teams, and they can ditch the guy later if they want. Go back and get him.

Though, they may not know all of that at the time.
“I’ll take a shower tomorrow.”

No he said “honestly? Yeah.”

The only thing that makes me doubt that Sam is history is the Law of Misleading Editing. The editors spent a fairly long time seting up the ditch, so if this were TAR we’d already now that they were BFF.

It’s not that the teams are boring, it’s that the tasks are less…suddenly physical, I guess you could say. Instead of seeing 20 people ziplining we see 20 people slogging through a swamp and falling over. Which, I like seeing people falling over in a swamp and all but I agree that there need to be some more visually interesting things. Like when the Southies went swimming in ep 2 and one of them showed off a very nice flank…

Anybody else think it suspicious that they all arrived in SC at exactly the same time after driving 700 miles??? The producers are involving themselves in the action a little too obviously in this one.

Good seeing the Boston episode my daughter and I missed last week (we’re just marking time with this until the next Amazing Race, like the rest of you). As soon as we saw the teams having to climb the lighthouse, we looked at each other and simultaneously said “The Browns are screwed” (they weren’t then but they are now). But seeing Mullethead Hanlon trying to look under the fat Brown guy’s butt to see the combination was worth it.
We also both highly recommend Carolyn Parkhurst’s new novel Lost and Found - we’re both having trouble now keeping track of which teams are from the book and which from this show, and what the challenges and scavenger hunt prizes are. The drop-a-member twist is almost straight from the book (but not quite, or it would be a spoiler).

Trust me. Read it.

Y’know, I don’t want silly twists like pairing up with other teams or deciding whether or not to drop a member. I want to see teams solving puzzles and racing hard and otherwise kicking ass. I think that’s where Treasure Hunters really pales compared to the Amazing Race. Although I really do like most of the puzzles the Hunters have to solve–the map keyed to the song in this episode was pretty clever.

I missed the first few minutes; did the teams drive all the way to New York from Boston? Then into the tunnel (which was pretty cool) and on to South Carolina would spread the teams out even more. But they didn’t all arrive at the plantation at the same time.

At one point during the drive, the caption listed the Fogals in second place. They must have been speeding. And while I’m not fond of them, they were the only team we saw that was using their driving time to do some research and figure out the clues and the song.

Those cell phones must hold a charge pretty well. It looked like they went from one morning all the way through the next afternoon with no place to plug it in. I suspect some edited-out tinkering to make sure the phones and computers are always available.

Did you hear the horns honking for the closed lane and the open manhole in New York. I wonder how those people would feel if they knew they knew traffic was slowed so that three beauty queens could be on television and win a million dollars.

It is precisely the Law of Misleading Editing that led me to believe that Charles muttered “Honestly, no” there. Because, if he had said “Yeah” then why didn’t they want to show it?

Stupid misleading editing …

Yes, they did.

So that three beauty queens could enter the tunnel twice. How many times must we watch people pick up something, say, “This could be important” and then go, “Nah, I’ll just leave it here”?? Reminds me of the Twinkies on TAR and the puzzle in the bag. “Nope, this couldn’t possibly be part of our clue here…” :smack:

The show is actually growing on me, though the host dude isn’t fit to wash Phil’s nosehairs.

The host might not even be real (and he doesn’t even seem to have a name). He could be nothing more than a better-rendered version of Max Headroom. We never see him except on a Motorola Message screen, do we? Not even on an page, or a Genworth Financial Services billboard.

He’s a real person. I was flipping channels a couple weeks ago and caught part of an interview with him. Nothing special, just the “tell us all about your new show” variety.

I keed, I keed. :smiley: