Treasure Hunters 7/24 (spoilers)


Team Fauxgal is gone, and they were eliminated in a church! It’s like God got out of the bath just to fuck them. Now if only the “Geniuses” go out next I can feel truly good about any of the teams winning.

The Geniuseses actually did something geniotic this time. They were the fastest to figure out how to reveal the map on the parchment. I’ll cut them some slack for that.

Although, there’s no team left that I dislike, either.

Did anyone else think this episode was horribly edited? They show the first three teams in the catacombs, then poof, they’re at the correct bridge cracking open their masks, and then poof, they’re at the Dover ferry. Getting there is half the fun. Maybe they didn’t think we’d notice that Paris is not a seaport. Too much jumping around.

And doesn’t any place close? They must have been in the castle and that church in the middle of the night.

I had the same reaction – wtf are they doing traipsing around Dover Castle in the middle of the night? I’ve been in there in broad daylight and it is enormous (and a little scary). The producers must have had to work some serious deals to get the National Trust (or whoever owns the castle) to buy into it.

Overall not a terribly exciting episode. I’m not thrilled with this show, but it’s more watchable than anything else on Monday night.

Next week: mountain climbing! Who will fall off the cliff? (Hopefully the Motorola Messenger dude, who needs to buy a personality.)

Don’t you mean a Genworth Financial Personality[sup]tm[/sup]?

Yeah, except for not going to the roof immediately (hello? lighthouse clue? anyone?), I thought the Geniuses did a pretty good job this time. They also handled themselves pretty well in the church, because if Fogal-Force (heh) were all up in my grill like that, I’d have lost my shit and set somebody’s hair on fire with the candles. (Where “somebody” = “Kayte Fogal.”)

My neighbors must think my roommate and I are at least moderately crazy, if they hear the yells of “Try the glasses!” and “Heat! Heat! Use heat! Didn’t you see National Treasure, you morons?” coming from our apartment.

Yeah, mildly boring last night. But it ended mighty satisfactorily, so that makes up for any amount of boring. Eliminated in a church. Fauxgals, you been smote.

Or maybe that’s smited. It’s less effective when you’re unsure of the past tense.

I think it’s actually smitten, if you are afflicted by something. says this

Poor Mr Fauxgal really has his cross to bear with those 2. Every time he is on the right track, they threaten to henpeck him to death with their certainty that he is a buffoon. “Don’t break the mask! You can’t break it! It’s—oh, hey, look at that!” :rolleyes:

One of these days, I hope that when the genii are off being stooopid, as they often are, the editors decide to put genuises in quotation marks under their names.

Ding Dong…! Very satisfying.
Teams remember, you can join up when you are in the front. When trailing, it’s best to keep your opponents in the dark. Even if it is a ‘dick move’.

“Geniuses”…snerk. That was funny.

I can’t help but do a compare & contrast to Amazing Race constantly. TAR spends a lot of time showing people in airports & taxicabs. TH: virtually none. As said above, all transportation is accomplished via poof edits. (and the obnoxious product placement…“ooh, we’re getting a motorolamessage.”

I used to make heat-sensitive invisible ink as a kid, with lemon juice.

The worst thing about this show is that before it aired, I never noticed the standard Motorola ringtone. Now I hear it all the time and when I do, I always look over expecting to see Max Headroom/robohost giving a clue to someone.

I just can’t make up my mind on this show. It’s like they took all the stuff that is missing from TAR that would make TAR even greater, but then forgot to keep in all the existing stuff from TAR that makes TAR so great to begin with. And is this show filmed in ULTRA-SUPER-MEGA-HIGH-DEFINITION? It just feels visually ‘extra crispy’ to me. I like some blur in my reality shows.

And some of these teams just aren’t that bright. They wandered around that church for four hours before thinking, “Gee, I’ve got this big half-empty piece of parchment paper, I’m looking for a secret message made by a famous printer, maybe it’s on the paper!” When I saw the thing was half-empty I immediately thought ‘invisible ink’.

Didn’t everyone do the ‘lemon juice on the paper’ thing as a kid? Or was it just the geeky kids?

I figured it was a possibility. I remembered that lemon juice could be used for invisible ink, but I didn’t remember how to make it visible again. And there’s a scene in Murder on the Orient Express where Hercule Poirot reveals the message on a burned scrap of paper by holding it over a flame again.

But if I was on the show, I’d have looked around for something else first. I mean, what happens if that’s not correct? If the paper burns up, you are totally screwed. I figured that was a huge advantage for the first three teams. If one of them trashed the message, they still had two copies left.

In the theater in South Carolina, there was a hint (“this will require some reflection”, or something); was there anything in the church to lead them in the right direction, or just a shitload of candles?

I don’t remember doing this. But, I was awfully busy jumping off the roof of the back porch with an umbrella, thinking I would float harmlessly to the ground like a pint-sized hyper-caffeinated Mary Poppins. Also, I ate moth balls once, just to see what would happen.

That is*** exactly*** how I feel about it.

I have to admit, I am just so blah about this show that I don’t really watch all that carefully, whereas with TAR, I latch on to every detail. Which is my way of saying to Robot Arm: I don’t know.

Suddenly your references to Eloise from TAR:Family Edition are all making sense to me…

TH has no travel-related drama the way TAR does. There’s only been one flight and everyone was able to book same-day tickets to Paris on the same flight for 18 people plus camera people through their “special access” to (sniff sniff…what’s that producer-y smell?); obviously travel drama isn’t TH’s stock-in-trade. Which really, is fine with me because I’m entertained sufficiently by TH without the travel drama. The show’s just enough of a TAR knock-off now that any more similarities would irritate me. The worst season of TAR was the Family Edition and that had the same sort of driving around the country that TH has, so with that sort of travel drama I’d rather they just have teams teleport-by-edit.

One would hope that with a paper that size if they exposed it to the flame and it was wrong, they’d be able to extinguish it without losing the entire thing. But I agree, with all the possible data sources in the church it wouldn’t have been my first instinct to start burning stuff. Well, no more than burning stuff is usually.

The “reflection” clue was actually on the quilt panel they got back past the swamp. Nothing in the theatre itself. For the parchment, teams got a motorolamessage at the castle stating that the parchment was created by “America’s first spy” and that it “holds the secret to the fifth artifact.” Another mm at the church referenced “encoding and hiding messages” and that they’d have to uncover one of the methods. We the home viewers got the Genworth Financial sign about “in burning light” to tip us off but those signs are added post-production so the teams can’t see them.

I’m looking forward to the live finale with equal parts anticipation and dread. I’ve also been trying to think of possible themes for what I assume are the last two legs/episodes. We’ve had the American Revolution, Lewis and Clark, Underground Railroad, a bit of WW2 in the first ep. I suppose they could do Civil War and not have it cross too badly with Underground Railroad, or the War of 1812 would get them to Washington DC which is what I’m figuring to be the end point anyway. Chicago fire might be a possibility if they want to hit the Midwest, or the San Francisco earthquake to get them to the West Coast. Would a Julius and Ethel Rosenberg leg be tacky?

Although I do wish they’d explained how teams got from Montana to Boston between legs 2 and 3. That was odd.

I think there was a shot of one of those Genworth Financial™ clue placards lying around, but I don’t recall anyone every actually seeing the thing. I think the clue said something about ‘using the light.’

I think those things are added in post-production for the benefit of those of us watching at home from the cheap seats. Even the Wyld Hanllyns would have been able to figure those clues out.

Somehow, I doubt it. Although it would have been really cool to see the mullet go up in flames while leaning over the candles.