Treasure Hunters 7/3

Oops, forgot to start the Treasure Hunters thread this week.

I feel like I’m missing stuff because there’s a stupid thunderstorm warning in the area and so my local NBC station has a ginormous fugging graphic in the corner covering a way-too-big chunk of the screen. So every time there’s a caption I miss the first word or two of it. Thanks local NBC station!

Poor Team Grad Students. It was pretty obvious they were going to have to drop out but I still feel bad about it. For them to actually physically carry their teammate and come in ahead of two other teams last week only to have to quit now just sucks.

The first word is “Team”.

Something was odd with the captions or the editing. When it said the Fauxgals were 40 miles away from the Burke School, a sign behind them said they were in the North End. It ain’t 40 miles from the North End to Chelsea.

Did anyone else think the Wyld Hanlyns were toast when the clue turned out to be roman numerals?

The Wyld Hanlyns were annoying but entertaining, up until this episide. I’ve never seen an adult act so childish.

I like the Brown’s a bunch.

:smack: And I like them, as well as their a bunches.


I wouldn’t know, because I could never see how many miles away from anything anyone was, because stupid local NBC station covered up the captions.

As long as they had Josh on the team they had a chance. He was obviously in charge of toting the brain for all three of them. I’m very disappointed in the Wyld Hanllyns. Of all the people to complain about other people having good luck, with the way they wandered through the hunt like it was a shopping trip to Bloomie’s. I’m slightly ashamed of myself that I thought for a few moments that Josh only apologized in an attempt to distract the Brown fellow from the Roman numerals, but then he showed some real class by telling the other two to quit following the Browns around trying to spy on their combinations.

Yeah, Josh really seemed with it. Too bad he was saddled with his dad and uncle.

I was thinking, though: The show really played up the Brown-Hanlon rivalry; I wonder if the Hanlon’s comments were exaggerated for effect. The Hanlon’s decision not to offer the Browns a ride on their boat (which was essentially what the Browns were pissed about) was exactly tactically correct, although their stated reasons were googy. I’m suprised we heard no mention of what the essential issue was: if you’re battling for last place, you don’t give your competition a helping hand.

Yeah, I’m sure they were, but the Hanllyns were twitting on the Browns through the entire leg. At the B&B they bitched about how they were let back in the hunt at all, when they were partnered to find the two half-clues they pretended like the cell reception was bad and tried to mislead the Browns (which, hi, regardless of whatever issue you may have with the team in general, on that specific task your success is dependent on their success so don’t fuck with them, goobers), they called them names from the ferry. It’s like Mullet Hanllyn decided that his belief in Karma made him Lord Vishnu’s personal representative on the Hunt and he made it his mission to bust them.

Oddly, none of the attempts to screwjob another team have really worked out. All the teams tried to Fogal the Fauxgals and Air Force and the Fauxgals ended up first at the prison and strongly allied. Now the Fauxgals have God and the armed forces on their side.

I noticed that, too.

I thought the Wyld Hanlyns were assholes to the Browns. Even if you disagree with the decision to let the eliminated team back into the game when another team forfeits (as I did), it’s not that team’s fault. They weren’t the ones who made that decision, even if they were the ones benefitting from it. They caught a lucky break; they didn’t scheme to get that lucky break, as far as we all know.

I was waiting for the Wyld Hanlyns to decide they were hungry and go off in search of a clam plate before deciphering the Roman Numerals.

Did anyone else pick up on the body language that the non-injured blonde grad student had last week and this week when faced with her injured teammate? Arms crossed, frowny face, etc. Plus she made the injured one be the one to decide what they were going to do. My take is that that friendship is over, and she will never forgive the injured girl for “making” them drop out. The brunette one seemed much nicer about it.

Heh. The injured grad and the other blonde grad student are sisters. Twins, in fact. Identical twins. So the friendship probably isn’t as over as you might think.

In any case, they had essentially no chance of winning if one of them can’t even walk. That kind of sucks, for sure, but they might as well drop out now, because they’d be toast once the Hanlons had been eliminated.

I’m pretty pissed-off, when I watched last nights episode on Global (in the west), they showed next weeks episode at 9:00 PM!!

So I missed the 3rd episode, but have seen the 4th! F’ing simsubs!!

Next week is a “To Be Continued” episode with a crazy twist at the end of part 1. They get to a boat task and only 2 people can fit in a boat. The two people who get in the boat, after they do their task and they have the choice to continue as 2 people, or go back and get the third person. If they get the third person it will take an additional 3 hours to do so!


Thank you MtM…I couldn’t figure out why none of the posts above made sense. I finally switched on the show at 9:30 and caught the last half of the TBC episode and couldn’t figure out what was going on after only missing a half hour.

Recap anyone?

That had me confused too. I was watching and wondering what the heck I’d missed…


Those Wild Hanlons are idiots. My running gag with them now is “The answer’s Teddy Roosevelt!” I don’t think they were one of the two teams who ended up going to Mount Rushmore in the first episode, but during the Lewis and Clark cipher sign challenge, one of them, instead of decoding it using the “artichoke” code, turned his head sideways and said that it kind of looks like it says “Theodore Roosevelt.”

Huh. That would explain why I can’t, for the life of me, tell them apart.

Man, if I were the Brown Brothers, I would have sat on Mullet Hanlyn’s head. Crawling under a large man’s ass to get a combination he doesn’t want you to have is the best way to get your neck broke. Idiot.

I think Josh was honestly apologizing to the Browns, and I’m glad to see that. Maybe he’s redeemable. Of course, we also spent several weeks thinking Rolly Weaver had some good in him. :dubious:

Air Force needs to cut down on the paranoia pills. Okay, yes, the other teams were plotting against them a little–because they’re good. And because they were already gone when the rest of the teams got to the school. If you idiots hadn’t left because you thought you knew what you were doing, maybe you would have been asked to the prom and your feelings wouldn’t have gotten hurt. Yes, everybody hates you because they’re jealous. And because you’re helping the Effing Fogals.

(I have tried to say all this twice already today. Hopefully, the Great God of the Interweb will smile upon me now.)

Did anybody hear about this show in advance? I don’t know who I’d have entered with, but I kinda wish I’d known about it and at least had the chance.

The product placement is starting to get on my nerves. “Guys, we’ve got a Motorola message.” Nobody talks like that.

That’s even worse. Every time they get into the smallest argument, it’ll get dragged out. “Well, we could have been millionaires by now, if only…” (No, I don’t know this for a fact; it’s purely tongue-in-cheek speculation).

Agreed. I almost used my Toshiba remote with the Duracell batteries to shut off my Panasonic TV and go read by the light of my GE lightbulbs on a SlumberRest mattress, but I stuck it out.

Draelin, I believe I have asked you this before, but … are you me? Because you sound a lot like me, you know? Only funnier. (I don’t joke about the prom because my date dumped me an hour before it started, and then called me afterwards to tell me he never really wanted to go with me anyway. Asshat. No, I’m not still bitter, why?)

My date went to the prom with me, but left with someone else. No joke.

Half a prom is better than none. And that guy is an idiot.