Treasure Hunters 7/17

Six minutes in and I’m already wishing Kayte was dead. But no more than Kayte herself I guess. I hear she’s putting out a CD soon, “Kayte Fauxgal’s Greatest Fits.”

Oh, my ears!
Love her Dad’s statement, “Well, after 24 years, we’re pretty used to it…”

Are the producers of this show so deep that they are trying to indictate that escaping slaves might have had to choose between being free but leaving a loved one, and potentially not making it to freedom?

Too deep? Hey, it is hot here. My brain is loopy.

That is deep.

Six hour penalty for the Brown because of the injruy? The doesn’t seem fair somehow. If they’d actively abandoned Keith they’d only have had a three hour delay.

Yet again I’d have been standing somewhere for days. I could’ve been staring into the mirrors forever without thinking of blowing on them.

Dude. Kayte Fogal seriously needs a nap, and a smiting. To paraphrase what Jase over on Big Brother said – that noise is not from Jesus.

Nope – if they’d have actively abandoned Keith, they’d have had a 3-hour time advantage (relative to the other teams). The penalty for coming back was 3 hours.

I was hoping that, after finding the mask, Mt Fauxgal would hit her in the back of the head with a shovel and use one of the convenient, ready-made shallow graves.

No, of course I didn’t really hope that. But I’ll bet it at least crossed his mind.

By the way, did anyone else take the time between the Fauxgal’s prayer and the mask-finding as proof that God goesn’t give a rat’s hiney about who finds a mask and who doesn’t?

Nice juxtaposition of praying by the Fauxgals and the multiple f-bombs dropped by the Southies.

I did. Heh.

Quoth God: “Nice try, Fogals, but if you really want your prayers answered? Become Catholic, and get a cute accent. Oh, and ditch the brat, why don’tcha?”

A distinction without a difference. Had they gotten to the boat and kept Keith, they’d have been delayed three hours. By having no choice but to lose Keith to continue, they lost six hours. Losing a team member to an accident cost them double the time keeping him would have. And had they cut him intentionally they’d have picked up three hours. So really, we’re talking about a potential nine hour swing.

Oh, never mind. I said it backwards in my first post. Still seems very unfair, though.

My god. She’s the most annoying person in history.

I’ll give you one guess as to which person I mean!

I’m rooting for everyone but the harpy.

And the geniuses actually did something smart. Wow.

Does anyone recognize the quote from the safe house quilt panel clue? “I believed that in America most all men loved freedom and would rather go to their grave free than live their life as a slave.” I googled it but got no results.

Remember, they got to skip the entire swamp. When Keith pulled a Barbaro they hadn’t even found the first box yet, then they all went back to the plantation. If they’d kept on, they’d still have to find all the boxes, in order, take the boat ride, get to the safe house and search through the quilts for the last remaining clue. Instead they sat around for six hours. I think they came out ahead.

I liked the mirror thing. Simple once you know the trick, but I have no idea if I’d have figured it out.

Kayte Fogal must die.

I was starting to think no one else was still watching…
Just want to say that I thought these last two episodes were GREAT. An interesting challenge, good use of history, multiple mental puzzles plus two really hard physical tasks.

In truth, I thought the ‘Underground railroad’ challenge sequence made all the “Amazing Race” challenges from all seasons look trivial.
I hope this show gets good enough ratings to get a second season.

“After 24 years, we’re used to it.” You’ve got to be kidding me. My kid throws a fit like that past age ten and it’s straight into therapy, if not military school.

Did it appear to anybody else that first she was complaining about one leg, and then the other?

And my personal favorite moment was when one of the Southies said something to the effect of “Why are we waiting for them?”

I don’t know if I’d have thought to blow on the mirrors. I noticed the “fREeDom” clue, but I probably wouldn’t have put on the glasses. I definitely would have headed for the red quilts, though. (And as soon as I saw something that said “Charleston,” I would have called my mommy and asked her to bring me clean clothes. :D)

I was kinda rooting for the Browns. That six hour time penalty was crap. Seemed to me like way too much time, but then, I don’t know how long it took a team, on average, to get through the swamp.

Yup. And I know one thing: If she were teaching my kids, they’d be going to a new school in the fall. There is something seriously wrong when your elementary schoolchildren are more mature than their teacher. She’s totally Colin: “My thumb is broken! This is bullshit! I hate you!”

Coffee out the nose. A wonderful way to start the day. Thanks. :smiley:

I’m glad the geniuses went back to get Sam. I have serious doubts about them to begin with, and I would have had to start a vendetta if they’d left Sam behind. Although, putting the glasses on was the first thing I’ve seen them do that even comes close to approaching genius level in anything.

So … anybody know who the mask face is? This is who I assumed it was last night–but that might be because his was the only name I could dredge up from the recesses of my memory. I think just because the name “Oglethorpe” amuses me, and did back in high school, too. It appears, though, that he didn’t have much to do with the Revolution.

Based on what I remember of the clue – that it was a non-native-born Revolutionary War hero, and something about American soil – and also based on the fact that Paris was pictured in the previews, I’ll bet it’s Lafayette. One of the only things I remember about early American history is that the Marquis had a bunch of dirt from Bunker Hill shipped back to France, so that he could be buried “in” American soil.

(I like European history much more than American history, for some reason – perhaps it is all the blood and plague and Communism. There is a soft spot in my heart for the Commies, even though they’re deranged crazy possibly venerally diseased wackadoos, for the most part.)

Oh, and last week I griped about why the Producers were bothering to hide the infrared nightvision cheap plastic sunglasses if they weren’t needed for that particular task … perhaps this is why? When I saw “FREEDOM” written thusly on the door of the safe house, I had a feeling it would amount to something. Although, to me, it suggested that they should examine the red squares on the quilts.

Oooh, didn’t think of the French connection (heh). I bet you’re right.

That’s exactly what I thought–and we weren’t wrong, the clues were all hidden behind red squares.

During the digging, was I the only one thinking “what’s your dirt doin’ in Boss Keen’s ditch?”
I saw the whole show, but didn’t hear the last 20 minutes (long story); If anybody already made this joke, I like them.

Did I miss any good histrionics from Kayte, while someone else was doing the actual work, of course?