Tremors movie bad line.

This has bugged me since this movie came out, so I thought after 21 years that posting about it will help me move on with my life.

A line near the end of the movie when Rhonda says, “…then we run like goddamn bastards” was stupid.

It could have been something like, “…then we run like goddamn politicians” or “…then we run like goddamn diarrhea.”

Maybe when this movie is remade in a few years that line will be changed.


When it comes to Tremors (and to a lesser extent, the second one), I consider myself a bit of a film scholar. The whole line makes perfect sense as Rhonda is earlier shown not to swear, so when she does swear, it helps sell her plan to the rest, who like to swear.

Tremors is deep man.

*Tremors *is what *Dune *wished it had been. Fuckin’ awesome!

I understand about the swearing, but it’s more about the choice of the word bastards that I don’t like. I think just her using goddamn would be enough, followed by a word that more appropriately relates to run like. The phrase “run like goddamn bastards” doesn’t roll off the tongue, for me.

Yes. “Politicians” or “Diarrhea” would be clever, and she’s not trying to be clever, she’s trying to be one of the boys. Hence, the double-swear.

But you’re ok with Val referring to the graboids as “motherhumpers”??


Amen. It’s a little masterpiece. I never get tired of watching it.


Why not?

I’m ok with the line. It’s not supposed to be taken literally so “bastards” is just interjected as a tough sounding word.
It could have just as easily been “then we run like a couple of goddamn sons-a-bitches” or “we run like goddamn m-fers” and it would have had the same feeling.

Funnily enough, the television edit replaces bastards (with blazes), not goddamn. Which I think works equally as well.

Although Tremors is the source of the infamous “Shut the front door!” TV edit too…

A classic, but my personal favorite has to be “Jeepers creepers that thing’s real!” from The Matrix.

I remember that! :smiley:

One thing I don’t understand is why they even air movies like Pulp Fiction only to censor it. Every other word is a curse. There isn’t a minute that goes by where you don’t have to listen to silly voice-overs.

I am guessing that the OP would not be onboard with “Woo hoo! I am masturbating like a motherfuck!” either.

Or, better, “I’m tired of these monkey-fried snakes on this Monday-Friday plane!”

Please tell me this is a joke.

Even though one person thinks he said “I’ve had it with these monkey fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane.”

Because it’s not quite the word one would have expected from such a character?

Nah- I was just having fun with talking about the movie.
Consider it stepped on.


Even “run like fucking crazy,” or “run like goddamn hell” seems like it flows better.

I think I would have preferred Rhonda saying “…then we run like fucking crazy.” The next time I watch the movie I’ll hear that line!

I think that line is supposed to sound awkward. Swearing doesn’t come naturally to Rhonda, so her word choice/phrasing is a little odd. It’s in keeping with her character and I like the line just the way it is. :slight_smile:

“…then we run like goddamn melonfarmers!”