Treo 650 question

I have looked just about everywhere and I haven’t found the answer. I need to find out how to put a password lock on a specific album in my media files. They are not suitable for public viewing. The only other option I have found has been to put a password protect on the entire phone. But if someone wants to look around and see what all it does, they might stumble upon it accidentally anyway, after I’ve unlocked the phone.
I have tried a specific download to put password protect on one of 4 apps, but none of them are media files. The phone’s regular features only allow me to block from view the contacts.


Have you considered moving the media files in question to an SD card? I’ve seen 1 Gb SD cards in the $70 range. If the card’s not in the phone, the files won’t be accessed.

I poked around a bit on mine, but as far as I can tell there’s no way to do what you’re trying to do. You COULD download Splashphoto- apparently, there’s a way to mark folders as “private”- but I think you’d still have the original viewer program on your phone, since to get rid of a lot of the default programs, you have to make a custom ROM. I’m not sure you’d be willing to do that- it’s supposed to be fairly easy with all the walkthroughs I’ve seen, but I don’t like doing anything that permanent. And since you’d still have the original viewer (Pictures and Video, and the Camera program itself), I think somebody snooping around would still be able to view the pics (which, I must admit, you’ve now got ME curious about :slight_smile: )

Your best bet is probably a memory card devoted to those pictures. They’re fairly cheap now, and it’s SO nice having that much memory on the phone. For example, I’ve got three full-length movies and a bunch of MP3s sitting on my main one right now. :cool: