Movies on a Treo 650?

Is it possible to play movies on my treo? I have real player that does mp3s, but can I also use it to play movies? is there a different player that I can get to play movies/videos? I have the Palm Os verizon treo 650, and a couple of videos that I bought off Itunes.

Sure is - check out TCPMP. I have it on my Treo and it’s really good.

Link doesnt load, it keeps timing out. Guess I will check it out in the morning … looks promising =)

Yes, TCPMP is more or less the de facto standard in movie viewing on PDAs. If you can find it around (and I’m sure you can) grab version 0.72. It still contains the AAC codec that they were forced to remove in later versions, and the most recent versions (having been renamed simply “Core Player”) cost money now. I use TCPMP on my PocketPC (my Treo is a bit too small for comfortable movie watching) and it’s great.