Tréo 650 question

It seems to me that while I can download and view documents on my Tréo 650, I cannot attach a document and send it OUT to someone using the device.

Is this the case? Palm is having technical problems with it’s call-in tech help and I’ve not asked anyone at Verizon about this yet. Any 650 users who know how I can go about attaching documents to send out off of the device?

I am aware that the speed of connection is roughly that of dial-up ( unlike the 700, which is at Broadband speeds ). Could this be why I cannot attach docs? Or am I just missing something.


Seems to work for me; I create the document in Docs To Go, save as MS Word (not WTG) - it saves it to the SD card
Then I open VersaMail, compose the message, tap the paperclip and the attach dialog opens - I select ‘files on card’ in the dropdown, filter to type=doc (not strictly necessary), select the file I want, tap ‘add’ and then send the message - it just works.

I should mention that I’m on UK Orange and the phone was supplied by them with some of their bundled software preinstalled, but if you have VersaMail, you should be able to send mails with attached files and if you have Documents To Go, you should be able to create native Word .doc files.

What steps have you been trying and where is it going wrong for you?

I can also send other types of file (memos, vCards, photos, program files, etc) by selecting different options in the dropdown box.

I’m using Wireless Synch, not Versamail. I didn’t realize this was a limitation of Wireless Synch from Verizon. Hmph.

I’ve tried both composing emails then looking for the attachment document and attaching it, AND opening up a document, then looking for ways to attach it.

I’m using a Palm Tréo, not a Windows Tréo but I can’t believe that makes a difference.

I recently went through this with my boss’s treo. “Sure boss, just get this bluetooth dongle, and we’ll download your contact list onto your PC.” Didn’t work out so well.

If you google <Verizon + treo + bluetooth + crippled> you’ll get the scoop. Essentially, Verizon felt it was a good idea to have customers utilize it’s payed service, rather than retain the functionality that was designed into the device.

I have heard a rumor (which I have not been able to confirm) that there was a lawsuit, and as a result the situation may soon improve for Verizon customers. If anyone knows more about this, I’m all ears.

Hi back. I was off-boards for a while. Gosh. Well, that would suck big-time.

I will indeed Google that, and I will also call Verizion tomorrow morning and flat-out ask them how this can be resolved.

Why should I pay for VersaMail when Wireless Sync works fine and I am paying $ 45.00 a MONTH in extra fees for the unlimited media uploads/downloads. Bah. This pisses me off.

Versamail came as standard with mine (as did Documents to Go) - I think the package gets customised for different service providers.

I was offered the choice, and was told how to set up mail and synchronization features based upon the choice I made. I had no idea there was a fundamental difference in the two packages.

So, are you saying that there is no fee for Versamail? And if not, is there any reason why I should not call Verizon tomorrow and try to re-configure the device to make use of it?

I do know that Verizon has a website dedicated to the use of Wireless Sync by it’s customers. I can go and manage incoming and outgoing mail and all contacts, using my cellular phone number and a password. Is there a similar set-up for Versamail ?

I dunno. Versamail is just a fairly standard web client for communicating with POP3/IMAP/SMTP servers, it uses the contacts list in the PDA’s own address book… it sounds like maybe it wouldn’t have all the other functionality you need.