Trespassing piece of shit!

What the fuck is wrong with some people? Respect for private property is almost none existant. Last night some cocksucker was going around putting stupid fucking cards on peoples cars…YES! Their cars!:eek: The cards were from THIS outfit.
But heres the kicker: in order to keep the cards on the cars, they put the cards in BAGS OF SAND!!! And during the night, with the weather the way it is, the bags of sand broke open and now everyone has gritty sand and mud all over the windows and hoods of their cars!:mad: :mad: :mad:

But here is where the crime is: the pieces of shit actually entered my property, walked up into my driveway, and put these sand bags on the windshield of my brand new Mustang! The bag was secured under the windshield wiper, but it broke open, spewing sand all down the vent and over the hood! Gritty, scratchy, sand!

Where does anyone get off coming into my property and doing this? What the fuck is wrong with some of you people? You don’t come onto someones property unless you’re invited!

I got several of my neighbors to file vandalism reports. I’m getting my car hand cleaned and waxed, and I when I find out who did this, I’m going to sue them in small claims court! I’ve done it before and won, I’ll do it again. Stay the fuck off my property!

Do you have a gate? Otherwise it probably wasn’t trespassing, was it?

Fucking stupid to put bags of sand on people’s cars, though, and they deserve getting hit for whatever damage they cause.

Since when does not having a gate mean that people are allowed to tramp all over your property?

My car was parked deep into my driveway, far off from the street and sidewalk. Directly behind my car is a fence, attatched to is a large sign which reads NO TRESPASSING.
One has to walk off the public street quite a ways to get to where my car was. On the mailbox is a sign reading “no soliciting”, and on the other side of the house is a “Beware of Dog” sign. On the arch of my walk way is a sign announcing my security system. It’s obvious I don’t want strangers here! But even without the signs it’s clearly trespassing. If my car were right off the sidewalk it might (might!) be a little different.

You need to get a sign that says ** Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again. ** Of course, you have to follow though with it or its doesn’t work.

Fire your dog.

From the website:

Yeah, right. So, what, only about 1% of Americans own houses? Or cars? Or is this some strange new definition of ‘net worth’ I wasn’t previously aware of?

And since when do you need sandbags to keep something on a car? Whatever happened to windscreen wipers?

And if they’ve already gone to all the troube of tramping up your driveway … why bother with the car at all? Wouldn’t it be simpler to wedge it in the door or something, and save themselves carting around tons of sand with their flyers?

So much idiocy … so few eyes to roll …

So you’re saying the “no trespassing” notice was situated so that the leaflet-litterer did not have to go beyond the notice to litter?

I think the point here is, putting bags of sand :eek: on people’s cars :eek: :eek: which consequently break open (the bags, not the cars) and scatter sand across the hoods and windshields of said cars :eek: :eek: :eek: is NOT A RECOMMENDED WAY TO DRUM UP BUSINESS!!!

Shit, why don’t they just tie the cards to rocks and throw them through the windshields?!

You realize, of course, do you not, pkbites, that the sandbagger is acting as an agent for the entity referred to in the card? A quick check of Yahoo reveals who they actually are.

Go get 'em, tiger.

The windscreen was discontinued thirty years ago, when too many consumers complained. All agreed that it was great for keeping the bugs from flying into the driver’s open mouth…but that it didn’t screen any wind out. And the weather in winter didn’t help.

A few people filed suit, after the windscreen wipers wound up - instead of cleaning the windscreen - it would take the bugs and smear them across the screen. Then the resulting gust of wind as the car puttered around town forced “bug gut splattering” all over the kids in the back seat.

And as for the bird shit that would invariably drop? That was even worse, let me tell you.

After the Supreme Court sided with the consumers, the car manufacturers came up with a great new invention. The windshield. Guaranteed to keep the wind, the bugs, and the bird shit on the outside of the car.

The original windshields were all made from Coke bottle bottoms that were glued together. But these days, it’s one nice lovely sheet of glass.

Except on the electric cars. Those ones have Saran Wrap.

Or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe that’s what you get when you sell them as parts to the local university.

Nah. Ain’t his fault. He’s just a Pug and he’s an indoor dog. Besides, the sign is just an anti burglar tool. your average burglar would see a sign warning of a dog and he’d move on. The fucks passing out these sand bag cards are dumber than your average burglar!

Now, my old dog, Bigot, he was an outside dog. And mean. REALLY mean. That dog hated everyone except me. Hence his name. He crashed through our wooden fence on a couple of occassions just to chase away someone he didn’t like. Sadly he got old and is no more.

This is why I’m lobbying to allow normal everyday people like me* to own landmines.

  • Just me, I don’t trust you people

Are you going to put them around your lab area to keep monkeys/moronic coworkers under control? Because that I could see.

Anyone walked up to our car, and the pugs would be howling up a storm. Not that that would stop them, but assuming we were home we’d know about it anyway. Hell, they howl when someone pulls into the driveway up the street. These dogs are very dedicated to making sure we know what our neighbors are up to. :wink:

Here’s a place to start:

Freedom Lifestyles Group, Inc.
4549 West Breezewood Lane
Oshkosh, WI 54904

Well, now that you’ve admitted that on a public forum, you’re kind of screwed… did you consider putting up a No Soliciting sign?

He’s got one. On his mailbox.

Nobody here knows where I live. Besides, you forget that I’m an FFL. I can do more damage to a burglar than any dog could.

:smiley: 'cept 'ol Bigot of course. He was ruthless! But well trained.