Tricking the WLAN on my DS/3DS: any tips?

Buddy of mine bought a 3DS, and we’ve been playing Mario Kart 7 online a bunch. He lives in U.S. and A, I live in Canada. We’re getting bored of Mario Kart, and I really want to play Advanced Wars:Dual Strike.

Problem is, that particular title only supports WLAN play. I remember back in high school having workarounds like Himachi, that let me play WLAN PC games over the net.

Any similar such workarounds that could get me playing my DS titles? :slight_smile:

No clue, but this thread deserves a bump. Good question.

Thanks! I’ve been scouring google and some video game specific forums, and I haven’t found a lick of info regarding it. I’m assuming it will come down to some sort of homebrew patch on my router, which is pretty far out of my range of expertise.

Grab one of these suckers and plug it right into your PC. No fuss, no muss.

And then run a VPN on my PC, or…? :confused:

What you are looking for is called tunneling, and I can find only one project that ever had any real success, and it requires a specific network card.

However, for the game you are specifically asking about, a Web knockoff does exist: Advanced Wars by Web.

I mean literally, no fuss no muss. After plugging it in it runs a program that creates a network called Nintendo Wi-Fi Connector that can then be accessed by your 3/DS.

I’m not sure you understand my OP. My issue is playing games via the Internet, that don’t have a built in Internet mode. These are LAN games. I want to trick my DS into thinking that another system is connecting in the same living room as me, even though it is a few thousand miles away.

Sorry, my brain mixed together WLAN and WAN and I was trying to give you something you didn’t need. My mistake.

No harm no foul. :slight_smile:

You, sir (or m’am?) are my hero! :eek:

If you do ever come up with a solution to this, though… let me know. I’m not real into homebrew and stuff either, (and I think hackers have been having a particularly difficult time cracking the 3DS anyway) but I have an older DSi I wouldn’t mind messing around with if it meant I could play LAN games over WiFi.