Trilogy of Terror

Does anyone remember this movie? I sure as hell do!
Well actually I dont remember too much about the first Two segments. But I definitly remember the third…"Shudder…The fetish Doll…Her face at the end…“YIKES!” It gives me the creeps just thinking about it!:0

Was Karen Black in it?


I thought I had the right movie. I remember watching Trilogy Of Terror on TV when I was younger. I wasn’t sure what creeped me out more, those little black dolls or Karen Black.

It had to be Karen Black…She’s a creepy women anyway…

Ack. The damn little doll freaked me out! With those teeth and that spear. I was yelling at the TV there near the end “Don’t open the oven, stupid woman!”

I don’t even remember the other two segments.

I remember watching it as a kid. Loved it. So naturally, when the DVD became available… :smiley:

The first segment was about a high school kid who was obsessed with his teacher. The second was about two sisters, one good and one evil.

Greatest third of a horror movie ever.

That scary doll gave me nightmares for weeks.

Trilogy of Terror, 1975

Did anyone here see the 1996 version? I haven’t.

Yes, and read the short story by Richard Matheson, which was even better, IMO.

I always remember “Don’t be Afraid of the Dark” when I think of Trilogy of Terror.

I saw the remake, all three sucked including the Zuni Fetish Doll one

That movie scared the shit out of me, especially the fetish doll.

The part where she calls her mom up to come over then SMILES is just creepy.

nisobar - you remember “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark?” That TV-movie was great !!! If I remember, Kim Darby and William Demarest were in it. One of the creepiest movies ever !!

You people are kidding, right? I don’t think I ever laughed so hard as when that little bastard chased cross-eyed Karen Black around her apartment going “yanni yanni yanni!” When it started sawing its way out of the suitcase I nearly broke a rib.

Bets part is, of cours,e it never occured to aren to drop-kick the little fucker and walk out of her apartment. Oh, and notice she just puts it down on the coffee table and its necklace drops off and it comes to life? I think the Zuni Devil Doll factory is in for some serious negligence lawsuits.

Love that movie. Hilarious.

No way! He would have bit your foot off!
Of course it’s silly now but I was 6 when I saw it

Actually, compared to most of the “scary stuff” on TV and in the movies at the time, the thing with the Zuni Fetish Doll was absolutely terrifying. Scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid.

I later found the thing on video in a bargain dump bin at the video store. My kid watched it once. She won’t even stay in the ROOM any more when it’s playing. And this was in 1998.

More than once, though, I have wondered how the Zuni folks felt about this weird misrepresentation of their culture.

The first two segments were pretty standard stuff, and hardly anyone ever remembers them. All three segments starred Karen Black.

The remake was similar, in that one actress, whose name I forget, starred in three spooky TV segments. The third segment was a direct sequel to the “Prey” segment from the first one, opening in Karen Black’s apartment, as the cops are combing over the murder scene. Unfortunately, the new version didn’t much offer anything new in the way of surprises. The little killer doll now runs loose in a museum, merrily bumping off security guards while hunting this one woman, who ends up basically the same way Karen Black did in the original, in much the same way. Second verse, same as the first, with a slightly higher body count.

It also occurs to me that the Zuni Fetish Doll would be a terrific example for the thread about “Is The Scariest Thing The One You Never See?”

You only get a good look at the killer doll before it animates. After that, the camera AND the doll are in near-constant motion. At least part of the terror of the situation comes from the constant blurring of motion (that little bastard was FAST) and the points where you aren’t quite sure where the little mother is… but you KNOW he’s about to jump out of nowhere after Karen Black with a steak knife…

YES! I don’t know how it would seem today, but I remember the hex signs and the fireplace and it gave me nightmares when I was a kid… :eek:

Terror thy name is Zuni fetish doll. But I am the person who was totally petrified of the Talking Tina doll from Twilight Zone as a tot so maybe that scarred me for life.

I remember the remake of Trilogy of Terror, also a laff riot. One of the segments involved the actress’ dead son coming back to haunt her; but unfortunately, the dead son was a soundalike for Nelson Muntz and kept going, “ha-ha!”

Almost as funny as the Zuni doll in the original.