Trivia chat rooms

Every Monda and Thursday night, me and my friend get absolutely hammered and basically be our dorky selves, we listen to cheesey music, play computer games and generally have ourselves a good time.
We always seem to want to look for trivia chat rooms and we always kind of fail at finding a good one. Then I thought, ‘Hey, you know what group of ppl are as nerd…ummm as cool as me?’

It’s you guys! So could anybody suggest some good ones?? They can’t be too smart as we will be pretty shitfaced, I remember Opera had a good one but I couldn’t seem to find it again. :frowning:

MSN Chat also had some good rooms back in the day but that is long gone too.

I can be known to answer some pretty difficult questions whilst shitfaced. And I’ve often been tempted to open a thread suggesting a time to all meet at the sdmb (not affiliated) trivia room (opened on request by a doper I think) Others than me will be able to come up with the usual name for this trivia room quicker than me.

It is kinda like God waits for me to post something then shows me what I was looking for. I just found Operas rooms now I’m looking sober, but any others that you use/recommend I would be glad for input.

Yeah, meeting in a Doper room would be cool, altho if we could somehow fix it so I get a really difficult question right, that would make me look cool, and I’m not too proud to cheat. :smiley: