trivia question about former poster

I know this might’ve been in general questions but its too mundane.
Ever think of a wuestion and it bothers you tile you get it?
What was the name of that poster who once was on and debating with someone and he used really HUGE letters?
Like 20 times the size of the ones we use now?
Hope someone recalls, its bothering me.

Wasn’t that Bosda di’Chi of Tricor (sp?)?

daniel p. bostaph, now known as Bosda d’Chi of Tricor. Name changed last December or January. Used some huge fuckin letters, for sure. Kooky formatting and eye rendering colors, too.

You drunk, vanilla? Seem to be having spelling and grammar trouble. :wink:


Thanks Homer.
No, I’ve got to stop typing so fast.:wink:
and my grammar is fine, thanks for asking.