a) What is the world’s best selling Children Album?

b) What Star War’s duo did George Lucas see as an intergalactic duo of Laurel & Hardy?

c) What unit of measurement was orginally designed to be one forty-million of Earth’s circumference?

d) What country did Canada open diplomatic relationship with in 1970?

e) What was the English title of the World’s first Prime Time Hockey Soap Opera?

f) In order of size, name the three largest islands in the world.

does anyone know the answers to these?

c) metre.

f) Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo (as long as you don’t count Antarctica and Australia).

b) C3P0 & R2D2.

a. May be Singable Songs for the Very Young byRaffi but I’m not sure
b. C3PO and R2D2
c. The meter. Great story around this one.
d. China
e. [no clue]
f. Australia. If you don’t consider Australia an island, next three (AFAIK) are Greenland (822K sq mi), Madagascar (226K sq mi), Baffin Island (Canada) (196K sq mi)

Scratch that. Make it (after Australia):

Greenland, New Guinea, Borneo

P.S. Google is not that hard to use, you should probably try it.

Since we’re talking trivia here I thought I’d add a little of my own:

Last night on the history channel I learned that trivia (tri via) is so called because Romans used to place news bulletins at the crossing of three roads.

I got one:

g) In which SDMB forum does tirvia belong?

Hint: Off to MPSIMS.

DrMatrix - General Questions Moderator

If it’s “at the crossing of three roads”, it should be triviae, I believe. As the singular of trivia (hey, didja know it’s plural? No way, dude! But yeah, it is) is trivium …

Just for the hell of it, though, let’s see what a few online dictionaries have to say. thought it was Latin for “crossroads”, but evidently neglected to rememer that in Latin that would be “triviae”, as the plural of via is not via.

Too, they had this on their site:

“C[ae]sarean section (Surg.), the operation of taking a child from the womb by cutting through the walls of the abdomen and uterus; – so called because Julius C[ae]sar is reported to have been brought into the world by such an operation.”

The root of “Caesarian” is indeed latin, but it is Caedere, to cut. NOT because of Gaius Iulius Caesar. is equally useless, and the OED charges. So bugger.

But trivium … I can’t see how that could mean “crossroad”. And after looking at the “derivation” of quadrivium … GAH, people! via is singular, not plural!

Just a WAG here, but probably for a very obscure and/or semantic reason, it’s the US of A.


D- definitely China. It happened on October 13, 1970

e) He Shoots, He Scores (Lance et Compte)

It’s now considered unlikely that Caesar was born this way because the C-section was a procedure done only if the mother was dead or dying during childbirth; Caesar’s mother lived. I think the new theory is that Caesar, in an attempt to boost a declining Roman population, ordered that women who didn’t stand much of a chance of living through childbirth be cut open.

Uh. . . I thought ‘trivia’ derived from the terms used for the seven liberal arts, the trivium and the quadrivium. . .