Trogdor on my sword!

So my dad’s recently found himself with alot of free time, and has taken up artistic endeavors. One of which is engraving. He’s done very good job on some very detailed works, and wants some more practice. Well, I have two swords, one a katana, and one a bigger traditional sword. I’m going to make a nice detailed design for my katana (though I don’t know what to do yet) and have him engrave Trogdor on my other one. Ahh, the simple pleasures in life.


Heh heh…I’m headed down to a party/family reunion/tennis tournament thing in a couple of weeks which every year has a different theme and some kind of contest. This year’s theme is medieval, and the contest is to create some kind of shield or standard. Guess who my boyfriend and I have already picked to put on our standard?
Burninating the countryside
Burninating the peasants…

burninating all the people who live in THATCHED-ROOF COTTAGEEEEEEEESSSS!!!

Man, I love Trogdor.

Don’t forget to have your dad make the consummate Vs.

Am I the only person who thought ,

“You got your sword in my Trogdor”

after reading the OP?

What is Trogdor?

This cartoon has spawned two games, multiple further references by the authors in other cartoons, and legions of adoring fans.

When I saw the title of this thread, I got the tune of Whiskey in the Jar (as performed by The Dubliners) in my head.

Fry 'em up Dan!

Stupid frickin’ knights!

This is the best game I’ve ever played…

Thanks. All better now.