TROJ_GENERIC.ADV - Is my computer sick or no?

I got a warning from PC-cillin that I’ve got a trojan horse called TROJ_GENERIC.ADV.

From a Google search on the malware, this may be a false positive from running an out-of-date PC-cillin. Checking PC-cillin itself, I got two rather inconsistent pieces of advice:

  1. Update PC-cillin. Tried to do that, was told PC-cillin is up to date.
  2. Download a fix. I did that as well… when it was extracted and executed, I was told that I needed to download a pattern file. But I wasn’t told where to get this pattern file.

So, neither of these courses of action are helping me eliminate this (alleged?) malware.

Any suggestions?

Also, PC-cillin only tells me that TROJ_GENERIC.ADV is mostly harmless. Like what HHGTG says about a certain planet, this is not terribly farking informative. Anybody know more about what this thing’s gonna do? If I do indeed have this thing, and if I really can’t get rid of it, I’d at least want to know what it’s doing…

TROJ_GENERIC.ADV is a proprietery name given by TrendMicro which nobody else uses, so beyond what it says on their website, there is no way to cross reference it to trojans recognized by other scanners.

If the tool was TrendMicro’s, the pattern file can be found here. But it is the same pattern file used by PC-cillin, so if that didn’t work, I don’t know if sysclean will do any better.