Troll of the Year 1999 Contest

Yeah, this is a bit MPSIMSy for the Pit… but I wanted to start it here to give people an opportunity to provide the proper “eloquence” in their nominations.

Of all the trolls to frequent this board, which one gripes you the most, and why? And what is the proper fate for him/her?

Have at it! :eek:

The nominee: Polycarp

Why he’s a troll: He consistently posts messages, intentionally and with malice aforethought, deliberately designed to incite honest thought and intelligent responses.

The punishment: Forced suffocation with smilies.


He’s also ugly, green and has warts.

Yet to be reconciled with the reality of the dark for a moment, I go on wandering from dream to dream.

And he smells like cottage cheese.

mmmmmmmmmmm cheese…