Trolls R Us Resurrections

And, while I’m here, I’m going to blow off the steam for that thread. What are these people doing who lie about the thread topic, pretending it’s about whether cis women can call themselves women"?

Oh, and @Atamasama: if you have something to say, please actually say it. There are many different ways I could interpret that GIF.

What I will say is that, in the context of the thread, we were discussing all “female” anatomical features, not just vaginas. Someone can still be a woman without a vagina. She may not even have been assigned male at birth, but had her genitals mutilated to make them look “normal.” But, of course, trans women are also women.

The article was claiming that a bunch of women were upset that medical literature was trying to come up with terms to make sure that trans men were not excluded. The concept equally applies if the term they are complaining about is “bodies with vaginas” and “bodies with uteruses.”

No, because very few people have vaginectomies (is that even a thing?), but lots of people of hysterectomies. Seriously, WTF?

The discussion reminded me of a scene from the Office…?

Am I the only one who’s seen that show?

Life is too short to be watching TV. There are only so many hours in a day that you have the chance to scold people on the internet.

I got it.

@BigT I have a hard time believing that he could post that abhorrent tripe without knowing exactly what kind of reaction it would get. Also - I have to agree; that thread is a billion kinds of awful.

Nope. He actually does not know the difference between a uterus and a vagina. He’s neither a troll, nor making any kind of point. He’s just that stupid.

I don’t know a whole lot about plumbing or its terminology, but I know the difference between a faucet and a water heater.

I’m sure he would realize that a few people would completely miss the point. But not even I anticipated it being this many people. And I’m the guy who tends to overexplain to avoid exactly this type of mockery and misunderstanding.

Nothing I’ve seen from Wendell suggests that he is a misogynist. Nor has he ever come across as someone who was trying to rile people up. So I don’t see any reason to jump to the misogynist interpretation of his post. I think he was trying to make a point about trans people, but didn’t explain it well. He’s like that. It often takes a few clarification questions to make sense of what he’s trying to say.

As for the thread itself: I would love to be able to vent about that thread, but I’m not sure how to create a Pit thread under the new title rules. My title would need to be something like “I Pit transphobic arguments and not listening to trans voices,” but would call out several Dopers specifically.

What I will say here is this: I think that article was a TERF hit piece. The arguments in it are their exact form of disingenuousness about the subject that they tend to use. There has been a movement by TERFs to use their connections to put out these articles. The lack of byline so we can check if the writer is a well-known TERF is suspicious.

And I don’t get why that isn’t obvious, even if you aren’t aware of TERF stuff. It’s clearly an outrage bait article that frames a minority as bad.

He did clarify. He replied that he did not know the difference between a uterus and a vagina. He is making no point at all about trans people.

Got a live dumtroll in my trans thread. Compared to the other stuff that’s been frustrating me, it’s actually kinda refreshing to see. Like they thought their first comment might not be quite inflammatory enough and so made another.

A post was split to a new topic: RangerLoops troll posts

Looks like some posts got cornfielded. Which trans thread? There seem to be a few.

Do a search for RangerLoops. 22 responses cornfielded.

The one I started in Cafe Society, about trans creators who talk about the trans experience. The troll first named someone who is in the news for some transphobic stuff, then added another post where they did some crude misgendering involving genitals.

Man, I feel like I really missed something big. RangerLoops was all over the place on this board! Must have been a trock. Kudos to ecg for wiping that poster out everywhere. Cool method – split all the posts into one thread called RL Troll Thread and then delete the thread.

I too was late to the party. Might have been a fun read. Or not.

Always in the middle of the night too, sigh…

I’m not getting the feeling of gandrews3367 being extremely trockish. Just look up their contributions. They’ve only been here 2 days.

(I won’t link to anything for obvious reasons.)

As I mentioned in the ATMB thread about this, I was up then. So I did see some of those posts. No, you didn’t miss anything. This was not one of our brighter trolls. Lord knows he was trying, but there were so few brain cells operating that all he could produce was basically just garbage. It was essentially the kind of sabotage of the board that would have been attempted by a third-grader of below-average intellect.