Trolls R Us Resurrections

How did I miss the announcement of AK84’s suspension?

It was just in the thread, no ATMB posting like for D’A, although AK’s dedicated Pit thread was bumped.

You didn’t miss much. Basically he dropped a banal but pointless insult into a Factual Questions thread, but he had a long list of previous infractions that collectively pushed him over the line.


AK’s suspension is still being discussed in the modloop.

That is why no announcement as of yet.

You heard it here first (well maybe) but the former poster known as AK84 has been banned, and per ECG’s notice, was a long time coming.

I already updated their personal pit thread, but for anyone who missed the Ban notice above, I felt it was worth a mention since What_Exit left some of us hoping with crossed fingers…

That’s quite the track record cited in the ban notice. I’m surprised he lasted this long.

Not that I’ve ever seen.

I can kinda see @MrDibble’s point. The former poster did seem to actually talk and consider multiple points in different threads. Other trolly posters just try to insert themselves into everything and stink up a thread, or become stupidly entrenched in a single subject / POV to the point of constant disruption, but AK84 wasn’t in either of those camps.

But snide, personal and/or general snipes at other posters, I’ve seen from them in spades. And apparently quite often in defiance of existing notes and instructions.

AK84 never struck me as one of those people where I wonder, “When will they finally get banned?!” I mean, I was aware of the Pit thread of course. But that was for one issue for the most part (the Russian propaganda) and was all recent. Otherwise, I just noticed the occasional nastiness, but nothing that seemed totally out of line.

When everything was laid out in ATMB though, that’s a lot of rope.


FWIW, my impression of AK was not of a troll, but of a basically OK but oversensitive and snappish poster. Too easy to provoke and too prone to flamage.

Yeah, he wasn’t banned for trolling. I don’t think he was a troll. The ban note lays out the reasons, and they aren’t about trolling.

That didn’t even include this one.

Good grief. I feel like we all deserve a gold star from the mods for only being as difficult to deal with as we are.

AK84 reminded me of Collounsbury just a bit (more recent posters won’t recognize that reference, he’s long gone). Intelligent, educated, generally articulate and as noted he could contribute quality content - remarkably, sometimes even when he disagreed with me :wink:. But easily riled and unwilling to moderate himself much when he was annoyed.

It’s a bit of a loss in my opinion, but the rules are the rules and he did break or stretch them from time to time over the years. I guess cumulatively it was a fair bit.

As another early Doper, I concur. I regretted the loss of Collounsbury, but in the last analysis it doesn’t matter how intelligent and articulate you are if you can’t stop yourself snarling at people outside the Pit.

And along with intelligence and articulateness one could throw in (heh, very occasional?) even-keeled debate, as when I had a disagreeing back and forth with AK in the World Cup thread, and didn’t detect any snark from him.

Yeah, there’s been quite a few people over the years who would still be here if they could follow that simple rule. I miss several of them, but if we bent the rules for them, they would be bent for less valuable posters as well.

That’s a good comparison, and I agree. Both of them contributed a lot to the board, and while it’s they’re own fault they’re gone, I’m sorry to see them leave…

So, figured I’d ask the thread about my recent confrontation with Yookeroo. To prevent back links, I won’t quote, but it is in the Schadenfreude thread that several of us already participate in. (conflict begins around Post 8470)

The super short version is that they seemed to take offense at my failing to describe a particular RW nutjob as a terrorist, to which I rebutted politely (by the standards of the Pit at least), they double downed, and I flamed them, and then they triple downed.

But - here’s the thing, nothing else in that thread or any of the posting history I’ve read of them seems to indicate this is the norm. It almost reads like a crazed teen took over his account for 36 hours in that one thread! I mean it seemed egregiously blind and over the top compared to the posters prior body of work.

The only thing I can think of is that like our recent discussion of AK84, they’re a ‘normal’ poster who is overly sensitive and didn’t take kindly to me calling them out (admittedly we were all smart enough to do it in the Pit).

So rather than a troll in the board-wide sense, they were trolling ME in that specific thread.

But I’m waaaaaaay to emotionally involved to give it a fair evaluation. Heck, I was (briefly) feeling I went to far when I flamed them after they double downed on their misunderstanding, only to wash my hands of them after the triple play.