Trolls R Us Resurrections

I used “satan” for awhile. I think the departed asahi called me that at one point.

There is absolutely no question in my mind that workingdude has trolled. That one seems blatant to me. (That’s not necessarily the same as “being here just to troll people” though.)

His sports comments do seem to be sincere most of the time, except for the whole “what was wrong with the Indians name, hyuck hyuck” clowning he did.

My impression is that he has some strong conservative viewpoints that he likes to “troll the libs” about, but when he’s not doing that, he has some interest in actually participating in real discussions that don’t touch on politics.

Your comment was the one I was thinking of when I mentioned other poster comments in July - just didn’t want to @ you if you had anything better to do than put up with his crap, such as irrigating an infected toenail or having a tooth pulled. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And I had to agree, it feels so over-the top that it’s a farce, there doesn’t seem to be anything truly heartfelt, just a big smirk and ‘hey, don’t take it personally’ shrug, such as in the last piece I quoted.

I do like the construction. Insult, insult, insult… don’t take my comments as an insult.

That alone tells me that he’s dishonest and trolling.

workingdude decided to call RickJay and others fools for protecting Biden from investigations.

There will never be any evidence because Dirty Joe has too many fools like you protecting his dirty ass because you fools love his policies of open borders defund the police and all that other nonsense. Why don’t you wake up and save this country from going to hell!

So apparently, all of us out here are doing an amazing job of protecting powerful politicians by . . . magic I guess. I never knew we had so many sorcerers working here, and that being vaguely liberal gave us such magical powers.

And of course I flagged it as a pretty direct insult (twice no less). May he get the smackdown he deserves.

Maybe there is something dirty but it ain’t Joe.

I notice after I logged out for the night he also started a rant about selfishness that was a poorly concealed one-sided rant that was rightfully shut as such with the option to move to the pit. What a wanker.

There appears to have been a lot of big news I missed recently. I had no idea that Joe Biden had thrown open all the borders (and presumably fired the entirety of the CPB). I also hadn’t heard that Biden had dismantled all police departments across the nation, or that he even controlled them in the first place.

I don’t know what “all that other nonsense” is, but I bet I haven’t heard of that before, either. Good thing that Workingdude is here to bring us all up to speed on these major events.

I wonder what kind of “work” Workingdude does? I’m sure it must be something intellectually engaging, requiring the kind of cerebral thinking and vast knowledge that he so obviously possesses. It may even involve sleeping on park benches at night and howling at the moon.

He’s either a troll or he’s just too stupid to be allowed to post here.

Dunno, but he has James A Lyons in his profile. The James A Lyons I know writes pretty decent LGBTQ fiction, so I’m guessing that’s not him.

Hunters a dirty boy!:smile:

Ah, the standard “The stuff there’s a ton of evidence for isn’t true but the stuff there’s no evidence for is totally true” argument that is popular with so many Trump supporters these days.

His problem is he thinks he’s pretending to be ten times as stupid as he actually is when he does this act but he’s really only pretending to be around twice as stupid as he actually is.

What’s the opinion on Michael_Varn? He seems to have trouble accepting reasons for why things are a certain way. At first I was thinking “troll”, but when he revealed himself to be one of those conservatives who spouts the “dying with COVID rather than of” I began to rethink my position on his possible mental capabilities.

Also, he can’t spell for toffee.

He sounds like the departed JimB. His so called cites are “I saw it on the teevee in the 80’s”. He’s not doing the smiley thing, but he overuses exclamation points the same way Jim did.

And the fuck is “blood doneing”? In any case, that boy ain’t right.

He claims to have drawn blood as a profession in the past, but he doesn’t know the difference between “blood” and “plasma” and can’t spell “donor”.

Can he spell phlebotomist?

ETA: he did spell it correctly.

I used to have a co-worker who had worked as a phlebotomist before switching to IT. She said there were people at the hospital where she worked who’d do blood draws, and weren’t actual educated and trained phlebotomists, but called themselves by that name. Maybe he’s one of those?

Check out my quote of him from last week upthread here. Only a troll would have said what he did, in the way he did (shoes tossed over powerlines).

It’s been suggested that I should be more tolerant of grammar and spelling errors, but come on – Michael_Varn hits a new high of literary creativity with classic phrases like “Wether doners are payed or not …”. I’m imagining that “wether doners” (or possibly “weather doners”) are those bright yellow rain suits that are worn by sailors on dark and stormy nights when the rain is being driven in sheets and waves are breaking over the bow. “Payed” is in fact a nautical term that means to seal the seams of the hull or deck of a wooden ship, but in this case I guess it means to seal the seams of your nautical doners so they don’t leak.

MV is most likely a returning trock, but he could be a just a Jim_B variety moron. Except Jim_B was likely a trock as well.