Trolls R Us Resurrections

Ugh. Cartooniverse is one of my fave Dopers. Hope he (assuming) can explain this.

[ rolls up newspaper ] Hold still.

I don’t see collar.

Yeah, well, you’re up to your neck in it.

Those collared people will ruin society.

Tie it in knots, they will.

I mean, fuck. The Colin Farrell rape thread was mentioned above, but there’s also this total shitshow from 8 years ago. Sanity was never a big part of Cartooniverse’s posts except by accident:

One-eyed, one-horned, fuckin’ purple collar people sure look strange to me.

WTF, @Roger_That?? Those examples in your currently locked Trump thread in P&E are disgusting. If I were a mod, you’d get a warning. I imagine the reports are flying in, which is why the thread is locked.

Were you trying to have a serious discussion? Because your follow-up posts don’t seem to show any seriousness.

It’s their greens I’m worried about.

Roger got attention in the previous thread as well.

Before this, I just had a vaguely negative impression of RT, but not linked to anything specific. Not anymore!

He’s had the “potential trock” notice for some time, yup.

Roger bumped the “explain the Hunter Biden scandal” thread in P&E to play a guessing game: “there are some interesting links in this Twitter thread but I won’t say which ones they are!”

Just saw that, and holy crap. IANA Mod but at the very least there’s a big ol’ Warning coming his way, if not a suspension or worse, because that was either trolling or batshit insanity.

Roger always struck me as the aceplace57 of the left.

In their first two days, MarkSh has started eight threads… and made no posts. Just sayin’.


They seem to have an interest in pop culture. It might be innocent. I’ll see if he replies to his thread asking about being able to move his supervised probation to another state. That seemed like a pretty big one, if he doesn’t go back in that thread it would be weird. That thread was a lot more personal than the other “here’s an idea to discuss among yourselves” threads.

New poster starting topic about a contentious personal issue is the classic troll tell.

Some of my best friends wear collars.