Trolls R Us Resurrections

Oh yeah. That there is a troll.

I can’t believe we get this close to solving race once and for all and the communist mods silence the voice of free speech.

I don’t know how to link to a post from another thread, so I’m just going to copy and paste it. This is from the Cafe Society thread about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.

I’m putting this in the pit to give @Cartooniverse his chance to say what he wants so badly to say that he had to drop that turd in the other thread. To me, it looks like he wants to say that the producer being black was the reason things went pear-shaped in this incident. The details and mechanics of why that poster thinks that is the case are beyond me. But let him come in here and explain himself, if he can. Fear of being banned by moderators is completely bogus. But I can see that he would be afraid of being ridiculed and sent to Coventry by other posters.

Post of the day! :rofl:

I agree, that is some gross blatantly racist yet just barely plausibly deniable shit,

Yup. “Look at a photograph and draw your own conclusions,” isn’t a subtle way to say it.

I don’t think it’s plausibly deniable at all. Unless it’s that he wore a black hat.

:disappointed: Nothing I love more than “debating race”, so sorry I missed out…

Naah, just plain racist, and they knew it. Nothing plausible happening there.

Correction noted. “Failed lame attempt at being just barely plausibly deniable”.

Like, what even is the fucking point there? Black people are just generally incompetent to deal with crises? Or is there some significance to the fact that both men involved were Black, and so was the producer? Like if Tom Hanks had thrown down with George Clooney, the situation would have worked out differently? I don’t get his point and have no desire to.

Agreed. I don’t see how it tracks at all. It’s a black male attacking a black male, so you can draw any conclusion you want. You dislike black people, then you don’t act to protect a black man. You give a pass to a black person, then you don’t stop the black man attacking someone. If there’s any inequity, it’s a physically large man with a lot of power, influence, and popularity who is beating on a man who is physically smaller and not as successful or popular. Things like race, gender, and so on wouldn’t really apply, I don’t think.

It’s not just racist, it’s just plain stupid to suggest you can draw conclusions by a picture of the producer.

Maybe the point is that because Smith is a Black man acting violently, he should have been gunned down on the spot, and this would have happened had a white man been the producer as God intended? I mean, I don’t actually think the producer gets to make those sorts of decisions, but…ugh, I’m going to stop thinking about this now.

It’s the teeth. You obviously can’t trust someone who has such impossibly perfect teeth.

I’d presume it’s the same racism I’m seeing in both directions, where people act like black men support (a certain level of) violence, and thus the director didn’t see the issue.

From what I can tell, the actual answer seems to be that they told Smith to leave but he refused, and they didn’t want to make a spectacle, and now are addressing the issue after the fact.

So @Cartooniverse was your post just: “look up the producer… black. blackity black black. No further message… black.”

Are you just a racist idiot? Christ, why be so vague? You literally are not coherent.

We are living in a world where racist dog whistlers no longer even whistle, but just bark and assume that they can telepathically communicate all their racist comments into other people’s heads?Cartooniverse’s comment was as close to a semantically free bit of writing as I’ve ever seen.

“I can’t say what, who, how, or why. but look it all up for yourself. I’d get banned. First time producer.” winks

Really?!? WTF is that shit even? You sound insane.

Bullshit. It’s the purple collar. Fuckin’ purple collar people, can’t trust 'em. And, don’t call me a collarist! It’s just a fact that purple collar people are less prone to breaking up fights than us normal white- and blue-collar people. I know this board is too woke to accept that, but it’s just science.


This is what was being referenced for some reason, BTW.

It’s okay to be collar blind. Really, it is.

I believe it was a “it’s not illegal to discuss uncomfortable issues despite what SOME PEOPLE would have you believe” thing. Or maybe he thinks that the case forbids the sdmb from moderating speech. I dunno.