Trolls R Us Resurrections

That’s an odd egg I never quite figured out, myself.

My impression is that EastUmpqua believes themselves to be a razor sharp mind, with fascinating insights into a variety of topics and think they are asking thought provoking questions that spark interesting debate. The first two might just be true, but if so they are masked by a complete inability to communicate them to most others and 95% of the “debate” they spark is people asking them to clarify, which they never really do, being unable to understand that they weren’t crystal clear to begin with.

You’ve probably forgotten this thread from January of last year. EastUmpqua wasn’t the OP – it was his later appearance in the thread that first brought him to my attention and earned him his first nomination for Most Annoying Troll in a Supporting Role.

Briefly, the OP was a pile of steaming bullshit written by a complete gibbering moron trying to deny anthropogenic climate change. It’s just stunning in its abject stupidity. The poster is blissfully unaware that he hasn’t the first clue what he’s talking about, and everything he claims is so completely wrong that it’s pure comedy.

About 50 posts later, EastUmpqua chimes in with this (emphasis mine):

I studied Atmospheric Science at Oregon State (at least our baseball team is good). rboyce understands atmospheric science better than most.

Hilarity ensued. Like others here, I have no particular hypothesis for what’s going on. Maybe rboyce is a troll (or a mental defective) and EastUmpqua is another troll. Maybe they are both the same trock. Maybe they are both mental defectives. At any rate, that’s what put EastUmpqua on my radar.

I still think that OP might have been a bot. Posted like one.

I think you are mostly correct. Except I don’t think I have a razor-sharp mind. I wish I did. One thing I guess I don’t get is why me asking stupid questions has created such a following. All you have to do is ignore my questions. Don’t you all have better things to do?

Maybe it’s because you ping the trolldar so strongly.

I’ve been learning stuff on SD - politeness, all kinds of cool stuff about physics, and my Calvin and Hobbs post earned me some kind of “popular link” badge. Recently I started a link in general questions about the definition of zero. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that I don’t respond to posts. So I’ve been trying to respond better.

And the entity formerly known as JustALoner was wiped out by the mods while I watched. Bravo!

Sadly @Sunny_Daze will get no more joy in poking.


Sorry, the new diatribe was too much and deliberate trolling.

And I missed it, damnit.

I revise my opinion then. But here are a few other things you could potentially learn. You don’t have a “following”. The board does. Answering questions is why many of us are here. Many of us even have better things to do, but this is more enjoyable than those things, or at least gives us a kick we come back for.

And it’s not that your questions are stupid, but you don’t follow up on simple questions that would improve our ability to answer. Instead you drop additional stray thoughts in. Which happens to be a behavior common to scatterbrains and trolls. Another things trolls do is post “how have I gotten such a following? Don’t you have better things to do?”, but again it is not unique to trolls.

I’ll keep giving you the benefit of doubt, but if you have been working on responding to posts you have a ways to go. Starting narrow and only going wider once you’ve made yourself understood would be a great improvement. Jumping from how physics deals with subtracting one apple from another to zero-point energy, is certainly not it.

Huh. We’re evidently polite, then. Well how 'bout that!

Before giving him too much benefit of doubt, let me refer you back to the comment that I cited before, and then read the further dialogue that he has with me and others. Do not be misled by the fact that when challenged, he’ll sometimes back off with impeccable politeness. That’s learned behaviour. Observe his behaviour in that old thread:

I must admit that this encounter left me with a very bad first impression. Maybe it wasn’t a completely fair impression, but it sure as hell was annoying. I particularly don’t appreciate a trollish moron accusing me of copying Wikipedia and not “understand[ing] any of it” when I’m writing on a subject that I actually know something about.

I appreciate this explanation. I am learning, but as naita pointed out, I have much more to learn. I think you were the first to bring me to the BBQ pit. The pit felt combative, and I admit I was disrespectful. I am trying.

Presumably being more skilled at reading and posting to a smarty pants board than our friend here you ought to be have been able to read between the lines that I’m not exactly holding my breath for a great improvement. I greatly appreciate the lengthy reply to this small part of my post though. I definitely gave it all the time it deserved.

I wish I had seen this discussion before engaging that troll in the GD thread.

Learning what? How to be a less obvious troll? How to prove that you’re more than ten years old?

As @BigT put it:


So, I don’t know if anyone saw these before @What_Exit stomped on them hard - since they’ve been closed, I’ll go ahead and link.

which was closed almost immediately for lack of content and bellicose language, but lo and behold, an hour later comes -

Which got them a one day suspension from Trollsmasher W_E again.

Other than that they’ve been here all of 2ish weeks, and they seem to be bound and determined to pick a fight. So, yeah, Blue_Thunderbird seems supertrolly to me.