True Blood 7/11 "Nine Crimes" (open spoilers)

To avoid any big spoilers in post #1:

If anyone was wondering, the song at the end gave this episode its title. “9 Crimes” is a song by Damien Rice, who HBO and Showtime just love to use in their soundtracks.

As much as I dislike Tara, I was really starting to feel sorry for her with Franklin. He’s just spooky bad.

In the other thread someone wondered why Debi would want that Coot guy instead of Alcide. She’s addicted to V and Alcide doesn’t do it. That pack does so she’s going to stick with them no matter what. She certainly looked strung out and bad off.

Boring episode although the whole bar turning into wolves was pretty cool. And flying Eric. But every time the King (of Mississippi or Louisiana or whatever) was on the screen or Bill and Lorena, I felt like changing the channel.

I’ve been watching since the beginning but I’m starting to lose the plot. There are way too many characters to keep track of now.

Bill worked for the Queen of Louisiana as a procurer? :eek: This I did not know! Poor Beeel. He’s a gentlemanly Civil War era relic, a family man, he must be trapped in some special circle of hell. He bought Jessica nice pink outfits from Forever 21, for crying out loud - “Ah will not have you looking like a slattern, Jessica!” Investigator, aide de camp, number cruncher - anything but a procurer! (But maybe he volunteered for this, feeling he could pick victims that wouldn’t be missed by family or society too much, instead of humans picked at random by another vamp.)

I don’t know if Beel was or wasn’t a procurer, but I think that if he was a procurer it probably wasn’t in the sense of simply finding humans for the queen to feed on. After all, I’m pretty sure that Sophie Ann could easily enough find a shit-ton of fang-bangers who would be thrilled to let her feed on them and she doesn’t seem to have that cruel streak that would make her relish a resistant/frightened victim. It would make more sense for him to be procuring other stuff that’s not as easy to come by.

In the books, Bill was sent back to Bon Temps especially to manipulate Sookie into working for the queen. That doesn’t come out till like the sixth book or so, though.

Yeah, just what I was thinking.

I’m worried the show has jumped the shark. Last ep we got weapons-grade WTF, and this week it was just desperately dull.

The only slight glimmer of interest I had was wondering whether Sam’s brother was at all sincere, or just working a long con to get money/shelter/food/perqs for him and his parents.

Well, and Alcide shirtless was worthy of some attention. Otherwise . . . snooooooooore.

Sam is going to put the parents up until they get back on their feet. Sam says, no drinking. Sam is doomed. … I don’t know about the brother, he could go either way. Is Sam’s troublesome family featured in the books in any significant way?

Just popped in to say that the song playing while Bill was procuring in the strip club is “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack, from their new album Heligoland. It notably features vocals from Hope Sandoval, former frontlady of Mazzy Star.

Sam’s family isn’t in the books to this extent. They’re hardly mentioned at all.

Now knowing that, I’m wondering why they’re wasting screen time on even more redneck buffoons. I always have a hard time with actors pretending to be idiots (not very many people do it well), and there’s a lot of them on this show.

Not Jason, though! he’s an awesome redneck buffoon!

I agree about Sam’s family, though. I find their plotline to be the most boring of the bunch. Unlike a lot of people though, I’m really enjoying this season thus far.

I’m really enjoying the season, too. And I don’t mind this plot line. It’s a bit boring at the moment, but I don’t think it’ll stay that way. Plus I like that Sam’s overall lesson will apparently be “it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.”

Or rather, “they” are in the books, but aren’t rednecks or estranged from Sam. He’s got a brother, a sister, and a mom going through a divorce. His mother is the only other shifter, whom Sam grew up with so he wasn’t alone or confused like on the show.