True Blood; Jun-27-10

Too lazy to look up the episode title, but I’m having a hard time keeping in interest in this show, especially after last night’s episode. There’s just too much shit going on, too many characters, and some weird motivations. If a vampire can glamor you into asking him into your house, what’s the purpose of even having that rule? And I’m really not interested in Bill’s backstory. Sorry. It’s just not that interesting, especially with his wooden acting in those scenes.

The reviews I read said to have patience… that it picks up more in later episodes, but it better start picking up soon, or I’m just not going to waste my time.

I thought watching TB as a soap would help, but it doesn’t. I remembered why – I don’t like soaps. :slight_smile:

There’s too much going on and none of it is interesting.

And it makes no sense that Bill acceded to the King’s wishes but still hasn’t bothered to try to contact Sookie.

Well, he’s still locked in the “guest room”, so presumably he has had no way to do so. And if he in fact doesn’t trust the king and doesn’t think the king trusts him (as seems likely), he presumably doesn’t think making a big issue of it is a good idea.
I’m still enjoying this show quite a bit, and like how many story lines there are. My wife was very bothered by the graphicness of the violence… Erik ripping the guy’s neck up at the beginning, and the very disturbing neck-twisting sex. I’m not a fan of gore for its own sake, but I like that the show’s graphicness keeps us aware of how dangerous and alien the vampires really are. These aren’t sparkly Twilight vampires or even (much as I love Buffy) broody Angel vampires.

What a bummer. I came to this thread to discuss last night’s episode, but all three posts so far are just people bitching about what a crap show it is. Then, A) why bother watching and B) why bother starting or posting to a thread about a show that you clearly do not like?

I don’t understand.

And I also don’t understand what’s so damn complicated, “too much going on”? I don’t see the problem; not having any trouble keeping plot lines straight.

That’s certainly not what I intended my post to say. I like this show a lot, and think it’s been good this season.

I believe that talking about why you didn’t like a particular episode does in fact count as “discussing” the show.

I’m not really invested in any of the new characters that much yet, but I am glad that Bill and Sookie are separated, because I was really tired of their chemistry-free love scenes together. I dig the guy they got to play Alcide. I actually like him better in the show than I did in the books, so far.

I loved Bud’s “I quit” scene. Did not love the gross neck-twisting sex scene. Seriously, just over the top.

I somewhat agree with John Mace’s point about how stupid it is to have to ask permission to come in if you can just glamor your way in anyway, but that said, I think vampires need line of sight to do the glamor thing, so Tara wasn’t really being smart in standing there continuing to talk to the guy once she had decided not to let him in. If she’d slammed the door in his face, he would have been screwed. (Not literally.)

I agree with Max, and said the same last week – they pretty clearlt aren’t letting him communicate with anyone. They don’t explicitly say so, or demonstrate it, but it’s surely a given – they’re proposing an action that is probably considered treasonable, and they don’t want him contacting anyone until they know which side he’s on. Their concern is likely that he’ll contact other vampires, rather than Sookie. But the effect is to keep him incommunicado.

I also think Bill is being very careful to not contact Sookie so as to avoid leading weres/vamps to her. He probably realizes that Eric has her back, so she’s safe and being watched over, as we see from the introduction of Alcide, who is as smokin’ hot on TV as the book version was in my imagination.

And after that last twisted (heh!) sex scene, I stared at the credits and said to the dog, “Wow. What did I just watch?” ::shudder::

After the last episode, though, it’s pretty clear that they know about her (and where she lives), and it probably should have been clear earlier.

Right, but Bill doesn’t necessarily know that the weres have literally sniffed her out. He knows he was abducted from a restaurant and taken to Mississippi.

And that prevents you from discussing it, how?

Discussion can be both positive and negative. There wasn’t a thread going, and I wanted to get my 2 cents in so I started one. If you want to start a thread where only positive comments are allowed, feel free to do so.

Exactly. Until the king drags Sookie to his house, Bill has to be as careful as he can to avoid leading them to her or leading her to him. Plus, he probably knows Sookie is looking for him–I wonder if he’s hoping Erik will stop her from doing anything too rash or if he knows nothing is going to stop her from trying to hunt him down.

I feel like last night’s episode was a sort of lull in the season. They spent the last two episodes establishing some new faces and plot lines, now they’re putting the players in place, and things will really start rolling soon. I kind of think that people who are inclined to complain about the show should probably just stop watching if they aren’t liking it–you’ve either got to accept it in all its cracky goodness or it’s not going to be an enjoyable experience. I also don’t get the complaints about it being too complicated. It’s a pretty simple-minded, simplistic show. This is not like Mad Men, where if you miss a 30 second exchange your lost for the rest of the episode and possibly the next ep as well.

There were several bits I liked quite a bit. I liked the way Bud quit, and I liked how Jason is struggling with his guilt and his conflicting desire to be a police officer (which is really just his desire to be appreciated and belong somewhere). I like how creepy Franklin is and how hot Alcide is. I love any scene with Lafayette and Erik, and last night’s was great. I also like the graphic violence. It makes me uncomfortable at times, but what’s the point of even having vampires if you aren’t going to go to dark places?

The other thing is is that the King, WereWolves, etc - are clearly not privvy to why Sookie is special, only that she is special to Bill.

I sincerely liked them putting out Lorena’s fire - I was so afraid that was going to be a “in my head” sequence.

There was one scene that I found a bit confusing… Was Sam’s dad molesting his brother? Sam walks in on them, dad is in his briefs snuggled up to bro, and then dad stands and seems to have a boner on display under the briefs. The thing that is confusing is that little bro’ seems to have a lot of attitude, and doesn’t seem like he’d be OK with that happening. He’s defiant enough otoh, but otoh, he does still live there…

Being able to glamor someone into inviting you in is really, really stupid.

I love Terry’s reaction to Arlene’s pregnancy… Sad that its not his though. I hope he doesnt find out! I love Terry.

I’m over it with Jason’s phantom bulletholes. I appreciate the guilt he is feeling and how its pushing him in different directions, but the bulletholes gotta go!

Also… the Lorena neck twisty sex move thing was crazy amounts of yuck. It will be interesting to see where this leads tho. Maybe push Sookie into Eric’s arms? I certainly hope so!

I thought that was weird too. I cant decide what I think was going on though. Mostly I was distracted by the color of his underpants! :eek:

Who actually got Arlene pregnant? I don’t even remember why that storyline is significant.

I have lost track of the timeframe of the events in the show. If Arlene got pregnant 9 weeks ago, does that mean Terry definitely wasn’t the dad, or is that just in their period of blacking out caused by Marianne? Is it Rene’s baby?

I was under the impression that it was Rene’s baby…