True Blood; Jun-27-10

It’s gotta be Rene’s baby. I’m pretty sure Arlene participated in Marianne’s orgy, but it’s only been a couple weeks since all that went down.

I have no clue about the timeline of the show. It doesn’t even seem like nine weeks have passed since the first episode of season one.

I think Bill isn’t contacting Sookie for her own protection, he doesn’t want her to come visit him. he doesn’t feel like he is threatened particularly.

I’m kind of hoping Bill was having a bad dream. The whole scene was disturbing and comical at the same time.

I love the show and I’m not complaining. But, I wish they would make up their mind how they want the vamps to look. Season 1 - they were just paler than everyone else. Season 2 - They looked grayish and corpse like, and Bill’s hair was almost black. Season 3 - A little bit pale with cherry Kool-Aid mouths, (except for Franklin who looks like he belongs in Season 2.)

I forget where I read this, but I heard somewhere that the actor who plays Bill came back from hiatus after season 1 with a nice dark tan from his beach vacation, so the makeup was a little heavier that season, because they had to cover that up.

And it looked like he kept his pants on – not just on, but around his waist. Moyer probably has a skinny butt.

It had to be a dream. Necks can’t twist like that, not even vampire necks.

Can they?

I kind of enjoyed Sam’s white trash family showing up at his restaurant. The mother seems to be really pushing hard for contact, and the father definitely had dollar signs in his eyes when he saw the place.

I really enjoyed this latest episode, except Bill’s flashback was awfully sad and brought down the whole mood. And that gratuitous sex scene with Pam and the dancer slut? WTF?

We’ve seen the ‘glamour into an invitation’ before. When Jessica went home and vamped out, Bill had to get inside to stop her. He glamoured her little sister into inviting him in.

I like all the possibilities about Bill protecting/hiding Sookie, but I’m thinking it may be something a little different. I’m working on a theory that maybe he’s using her. Or at least using her determination. Hoping that she’ll be around when he’s ready to make his move. Of course this is only based on the fact that it’s a soap-opery tv show and that makes sense for a ‘dramatic moment’ later on.

I really like the show, but this was not my favorite episode.

Yeah, that was a little weird, wasn’t it? I mean, were they implying that he just, um, thrust right through the fabric of his pants with his vampiric studliness, or what?

Not only that - but it managed to snake itself around her thigh - as his panted legs seemed to be stradling one of hers.

No wonder Sookie keeps coming back for more - that things got powers!

Whoa. I didn’t even consider that.

I haven’t read the books, but I’m wondering if something’s up with Bill’s daughter Sarah, the one his wife sent to Tennessee. Is she a gun on the mantel? Great-grandma to someone in Bon Temps?

In the first season he seemed intrigued by the surname Bellefleur. I’ve wondered if they’re his descendants.

Was the genealogical table of Sookie in Bill’s house or her house? Either way, I’m guessing that’s about to be significant.

I did notice he didn’t get undressed, but Moyer’s done nude scenes on the show (and in movies) before.

Speaking of, I was surprised at the speed with which they got James Frain nekkid.

I liked the blood gourmet courses. (“Note the hint of citrus- he’s eaten nothing but tangerines for days” and “Bring out the Thai boy” were cool lines.)

moderate book #3-4 spoilers

Yup, that’s where the books go, anyway. Bill and Sookie break up for good in the book this season is based on after Bill hurts her (first physically, then emotionally) and Eric gets his fondest wish in book 4…briefly, anyway.

So…I’m getting confused about the timeline too. How long has passed since the pilot episode? I thought it was several months, but not if the baby might be Rene’s.

Wow the neck twisting scene was… twisted.

I felt sorry for Jason that he couldn’t handle the police exam. Seemed like he would be a good fit.

Did anyone else think the scene with Eric giving Lafayette a car was going to go the same direction as the Bill-Sam shower scene?

One subtle nice touch in this episode is that in the werewolf bar, the music in the background was Spoonful by Howling Wolf.

Not so subtle was the name – “Lou Pine’s”.

I am going to go back and read this whole thread but I just have to say: that last scene freaked me the hell out.

Okay, off to read your thoughts…

In the book:

Bill is related to the Bellefleurs. Also in the book Andy is much more urbane and he has a sister.

I’m wondering where this Eric/Lafayette thing is going. I think they have good onscreen chemistry so hopefully it should be interesting.

I read that Alan Ball said there would be more deaths this season and some of them (at least one) of a major character.

I hope it’s Tara. I liked her at first but anymore she’s just awful.

They said there had been a werewolf community there for more than 2 centuries, which makes you wonder if the black werewolves who were there had to go to a separate bar before the 1960s. Give the subtlety of Lou Pine’s (admittedly a lot more than J.K. Rowling’s subtlety in Remus Lupin- with a name like that how can you not get bitten by a werewolf?) it was called Black Wolves.