True Blood 9/28 (open spoilers)

Posting this thread to ask a question, though I’m interested in discussing the show in general too: at the end, when Sam was rolling around on the bed, what was going on there? That was Dawn’s bed, right? Why was he in there, sniffing her bed, and rolling around on it? I feel like I missed something.

It was Dawn’s bed. Just before he leaves the bar, there’s a shot of a photograph he kept on the wall of him and Dawn. My guess? He’s broken up about Dawn’s death and went in to experience her scent a last time. (I didn’t read the books, so there are others that might have more depth into his actions.)
I got a particular kick out of this episode because Fangtasia scenes were filmed at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, (also where the bar scenes in The Pick of Destiny were filmed). My husband and I were just there a few weeks ago to meet up with some friends, and I can’t say I’m surprised–it works just perfectly for a vampire bar.

It wasn’t explained in any way. The foreboding score that played while he snagged his latex gloves from behind the bar and then the ubercreepy way he luxuriated in the dead girl’s scent struck me as a very hamhanded attempt at misdirection, where we’re supposed to think he’s the killer but it will turn out in the end he’s really the good guy. Whatever.

I couldn’t get past the fact that he wore latex gloves to keep clandestine and yet must have deposited countless hairs in the bed from all that rolling around.

Yeah, my CSI meter pegged on that.

Sam’s olfactory overload and the fact that he barks in his sleep makes me think that he might not be as human as we have been lead to believe.

Having read the book, I have a pretty good idea what the sniffing was all about, even though that particular scene wasn’t in the book. Let me know if you want it spoiled for you. But you didn’t miss anything, it came out of the blue.

I’ve done a complete turnaround on my opinion of Tara since the first episode. She’s become a really interesting character now. I wonder why they introduced her so horribly?

Jason’s scenes have become more and more annoying to me, so there was a weird pleasure in seeing him go through his ordeal last night.

I get a little thrill every time Bill pronounces “Sookie”.

I’m pretty sure I know why he’s sniffing and barking. I guessed and then someone confirmed. But why is he sniffing and rolling around on Dawn’s bed specifically? It was the rolling that weirded me out. Didn’t seem particularly investigatory. And I still think he’s hotter than Bill.

Spoilerish question about Sam

If Sookie can read his mind, why doesn’t she know he’s a shapeshifter?

To respond to the spoiler: In the book, she can’t really (or can’t with any sort of reliability or clarity).

Such a big deal is made of Sookie’s inability to read Bill’s mind. It’s at the root of her attraction to him (aside from his hotness and exotic nature, that is). If she also can’t read Sam’s mind, then why is Bill unique? She must think she can read Sam’s mind, at least in the TV show.

I think the show has taken a different stance on this and made it clear that she has chosen not to read the minds of those she considers “close”. It’s possible for her to maintain, but only with a lot of focus on keeping barriers up. Sam obviously seems to fall into this category for Sookie.

Did anyone else catch the cover story “Brad and Angelina adopt vampire baby” on the magazine left on the table in last weeks episode?

Nice touch, lol.

IIRC, she heard some of Sam’s thoughts in the first episode, something about how he needed to protect her.