True Blood: Shake and Fingerpop, 7/12/09 (Spoilers)

No True Blood thread for Shake and Fingerpop yet? I’ll start one.

What did you think about it?


Best scenes:

Lafayette on his vampire blood “high”.
Jessica in the coffin “Hey, how do you open this thing?”
Sookie and the room service guy thinking at each other.

Also, Sookie and the 10 bottles of “dollhouse” booze.

I’m still trying to make sense of the plot to kidnap Sookie. I get that they didn’t know her protector would be on the plane, but why not just grab her in Bon Temps in the daylight?

I liked Anubis airlines and those spiffy coffins.

The limo guy said that he expected them a couple of hours earlier, i.e. during the day. The plane was late. Maybe by design.

But didn’t he also say that they expected Sookie to be alone? So it wouldn’t matter when she arrived.

If the plane was late by design, that means Eric knew what the church was up to and made sure Sookie would be protected.

Also, if the limo driver thought Sookie would be alone, why did his sign say “Compton party”?

See why I’m so confused! Maybe I need to watch again. I missed a lot of the dialogue, especially from the limo driver.

I don’t remember him saying he expected her to be alone, but if so it’s probably because the church simply didn’t tell him about the vamps.

i thought he said he was supposed to snatch the human travelling with the vampires. I think was the only means he even had of identifying her. He said he didn’t even know she’d be a woman. Maybe he thought all the vamps wuld be in travel coffins.

I also enjoyed seeing Lafayette all amped up on Eric’s blood, but my favorite scene was Jason and his church buddies having that whole conversation about vampires in the Bible.

Oh, and how about the hotel vampire porn…and Jessica ordering “room service.”

Why couldn’t Lafayette just feed of Bill to heal his leg? And, sure he has to leave th hosue sometime…but does he necessarily have to leave at night?

I know, I know…overthinking.

How’d Eric get to the hotel so fast? It seemed like it took him a lot less time to get there than the plane took Sookie and Co.

Somebody has to do it. The writers and editors sure aren’t.

Apparently MaryAnn arranges orgies to get power to change into a minotaur so she can rip out people’s hearts. Now she’s overthinking it. What’s wrong with hitting somebody over the head and then taking their heart? And why take some hearts and not others? What was wrong with Daphne’s heart? Assuming she still has it. These are some really inefficient critters.

Another thing I don’t get is Sam leaving. He probably knows what MaryAnn is about. Why desert your friends when you might be able to help? Why didn’t he warn Tara?

Barry!!! We wondered during the episode if this is the one he’d appear in, and he did :slight_smile: We’re never going to see JD or Bubba, though, are we?

So I get the impression that vampires coming out was the first experience this society has with openly acknowledging the supernatural. It’s not explicitly stated, but if that weren’t the case you’d think that’d be mentioned somewhere.

But now, just in what little we’ve seen as an audience, mostly in one small southern town, we’ve got two mind readers, a shape shifter, a woman who runs on orgy power, and a minotaur creature, and several women with perfect tits*.

Is this all supposed to be secret? Society functions without knowing that they’re swamped in the supernatural?

  • Perfect tits may not sound like a super power, but they work almost the exact same way glamoring does.

That’s what’s bothered me for a while now. (See my posts in other True Blood threads). Sam is the most maddewning of all. He *knows" orgy-minotaur lady is bad news, but he doesn’t want her to know he’s a shapeshifter so he lets her be in danger? I’d say she’d be pretty accepting of that fact, seeing as how her friend can read minds, and there’s VAMPIRES everywhere.

Just last night we had “Oh suuuure Andy, you saw that pig that Tara saw too. You’re drunk!”

I’d pretty much err on the side of “believe all freaky shit first, then disprove it.”

Still, I really enjoy the show. Have not read the books. (Nor do I want to hear how the books explain things the show does not - they’ve pretty much said they’re not following the books anymore anyway).

This made me hoot so loud, I scared my dog:

“God will make sure that evil gets punished.”

Jason: “Oh yeah? Then explain Europe to me.”

He always gets the best lines…

I can’t believe I love this show as much as I do, given that most of the performances suck so badly. But still I love it.

But I’m suffering from the same mental issue I always had with Buffy: but he’s so COLD, how can you enjoy his touch? EW.

I also liked the subtle dig on Texas.

Bill: “There’s hasn’t been open hunting of humans in a hundred years!”
Eric: “Well, this is Texas.”

I’m really liking the new girl.

I liked it when Bill taught that girl how to control that guy’s mind. Then she uses her new found power to make that guy yell out stupid shit. I can’t remember what she made him say but it cracked my shit up.

It seemed to me that Tara moved out of Maryann’s house because she was leery of the orgies Maryann was hosting. So why did she not object when Maryann showed up and organized one in Sookie’s house?

Because she was incredibly depressed that no one wanted to spend her birthday with her. When Maryann showed up with a party in tow, she was so relieved and happy to be remembered that she went along with it.