True Ghost Stories anyone?

In honor of Halloween, would anyone care to share some true ghost stories?

Frankly this isnt a “funny” topic. People whom I’ve read from on the web who have had real supernatural experiences say it leaves them PTSD, very shaken, and they rarely wish to talk about it.

Not everyones experiences are so bad but many are.


I just gave you one.

Your year-old thread on the topic…

Best I can offer is I stayed in a haunted hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Nothing happened.

'Tis true.

Yeah, it is.

Let me guess, The Bullock?

Went there on a ‘ghost tour’. Less than nothing happened. 'Tis also true!

Ham House, near Richmond, is supposed to be pretty haunted ( and as its a National Trust property you can visit it. And as it goes, I visited it before I knew it was haunted. So, without having been subject to any sort of suggestion, I can confirm, as the ref states, there are cold spots in the house. At the time I put this down to old and ill-fitting windows and it being cold outside, but who knows??

That’s the best I can do. Sorry.


The Crescent hotel in Eureka Springs, Ark. is especially haunted, so they say. Nope. I ain’t going there.

One time I was sitting at the intersection of East-West Highway and Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring, MD, crossing East-West Highway. The light turned green and I started to drive across the intersection, and the lead car coming the other way was a blue Geo Metro hatchback, and in the driver’s seat? George Burns. The suit, the glasses, the cigar, it was him, 100%, no doubt.

The problem? It was late July, 1996. George Burns had died March 9, that same year.
I don’t know that that’s really a “ghost story,” but it’s all I got.


Still don’t know what this was.

Lately, our front door has been locking & unlocking itself. My SO goes out for a bit and leaves the door unlocked then finds it locked when she returns and nobody else has been near the door. One time, I was getting ready to go out and moved a shopping cart away from the door then went into the kitchen so I could take the trash out with me. The door was locked when I went into the kitchen but not locked when I returned with the trash; again, nobody else had been near the door.

Bustin’ makes me feel good!

No way I believe that. The Metro that George drove after his death was red. I’m also pretty sure it was a Chevy Sprint, not a Geo.

I’ve been to Hampton Court, and experienced the cold spot outside the Chapel where Katherine Howard supposedly haunts (and it was a hot day). I wonder what the real explanation for that phenomenon is.

I want to read about those promised PTSD-level experiences. Cold spots are nifty and all, but I want to hear from the people who’ve been attacked!

I saw something once. In the decades since, I’ve occasionally wondered if I actually did see it, as it was a very short event, never repeated. I do know it wasn’t a remembered dream, nor was I in an altered state (say, from alcohol or whatnot). There was even another person present, but we never discussed it in detail, and probably not more than the once.

Long ago, in the house I grew up in, we had one of those landline phones placed on the wall, with the extra, extra long cord, so the phone could be used while standing all the way across the room (which was a combo kitchen/dining room, one big room). The phone was place maybe 5 1/2 feet high, and the cord hung almost to the floor. At the time in question, I was standing about 6 feet away, with the phone almost directly to my left, and facing the other person, who presumably had a clearer view than I.

I saw motion out of the corner of my eye, and turned my head to the left to see the cord swinging down along the wall, as if someone had stretched it from the left of the phone’s position until the end was as high as the phone itself. What I saw was the cord swinging back down to its normal resting position from about an 8 o’clock position. It then swung slightly a couple times before coming to a complete stop, but that was a natural consequence of the cord being pulled up.

There was no other person in the room or even in the house. I’ve never seen anything like it before or since, in that house or anywhere else. What it might mean is completely beyond me, but I attach no special meaning or ‘message’ to it. I have no explanation whatsoever for how it happened; as I said, sometimes I wonder if it really did happen, but I have a very clear memory of the phone cord momentarily misbehaving, so.

Ghost? Hallucination? Faulty memory? Dream masquerading as waking thought? I don’t know. It turned out to be a completely unimportant non-event in my life. I don’t hold it up as proof as spirits or anything else; I just offer something weird that happened in my presence once.