Truly P-Whipped

tatertot posted a thread asking about being p-whipped. I think the claim that Mr. Tot is whipped is highly incorrect.

However, I do know a situation in which the guy is truly “whipped”. I shall call him “Bob” and her “Jill”.

I was over at Bob’s place. He lives in an apartment with Jill and two other roommates (oh, let’s call them “Tim” and “Kim”). Well, we were all drinking, as college kids are wont to do. This is the first time I’ve ever really been “drunk”, so I’m just lying on the couch considering how pretty the cieling is and thinking of penguins.

Then the weirdness happens. I know that I didn’t just imagine this in a drunken stupor, because it was later confirmed by the people involved.

Kim and Jill start making out. My first thought was something on the order of “Wow! Chicks making out! Woohoo!” Then I remembered that Jill and Bob were together, and began to wonder what he was thinking. Suddenly, Jill announces to everyone that she enjoys making out with Kim more than making out with Bob. She didn’t say this in a joking way. She meant it.

Bob looks rather perturbed, and is about to say something. Jill sees this and butts in, “I’m secure in our relationship.” Bob shuts up and says nothing.

Now, think about this. His girlfriend is not only making out with someone else, right in front of him, after she just insulted him … not only that, but she has the nerve to make it look like any peep from him would reflect badly on him. WTF?

Oh, and later that night, whilst I was barely conscious, Jill and Kim gave Tim a handjob right in front of Bob and me. And yet, Jill and Bob are still together, even though it is painfully obvious to everyone that Bob is extremely upset over these (and other) events. He obeys her meekly, doesn’t hang out with friends without her permission, and just all around let her run his life.

It’s really quite sad. :frowning:

Wow…that is whipped. I feel bad for Bob.

If a girl that happened to be my girlfriend started making out with another girl, I would not lift a finger to stop her.


That is pathetic. I had a friend who was like that with his girlfriend, but she finally dumped him. He’s glad now and he’s better without her. On the other hand, if I had just made out with another girl in front of my boyfriend, I certainly wouldn’t announce that the girl was better. I would tell her later. :slight_smile:

And these are your friends? :eek: I think you need to find new ones, with class. I think that ‘Bob’ needs to grow up and get a life. As far away from "Jill’ as possible.

Just my opinion.


What purp said. ASAP.

The only one who’s really my friend is Bob. The others I can only tolerate in small doses. I do plan on trying to get “Bob” to dump the girl, but I don’t think it will be easy. Honestly, the two of them have even discussed marriage! shudder

I feel really sorry for the guy, but I also realize that it’s his choice not to stand up and speak up.

Oh, and -
{{{{{purplebear}}}}} :slight_smile:

Very sad, BK. :frowning:

Just chiming in to say that I agree with Purplebear and Scotticher. I used to have friends like that when I was in my early 20’s. Not good. Lots of weird relationship dynamics going on there. Poor Bob, hope he grows up.

It certainly never bothered me, although I was also sure that if it had, it would have stopped.

On a slightly more serious note. I don’t think it’s simply a case of ‘growing up’, I know a number of adults who would probably react the same way. Sometimes it’s because they’re not secure enough in themselves, while others believe that it was a ‘fluke’ that they ended up with someone in the first place and if they do anything to cause it to end, they’ll never have anyone else. It can happen with someone who’s young, but I’ve also seen it in people who were 40.

If this is the case, Bob needs to realize that he’s better off alone than with someone who treats him as an afterthought.

as long as this nuttiness is going on, why not make a profit? contact MTV and have them send over a real world camera crew. they’d have to edit out all the dirty bits, but the weird relationship dynamics and petty sniping would go over great.

and, um… ‘Bob’ needs help. i feel bad for him. i’ve always been sorta p-whipped (on the rare occasions i’ve had a girl :frowning: ), but in a good way. he’s taking it to whole new heights of wussiness.

BlackKnight, Bob’s girlfriend sounds like she enjoys hurting people and messing with their minds. I hope that Bob will find the self-esteem to leave the relationship and find someone who is kind to him.

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and where was Jerry Springer during all this?

Please impress on Bob (this may requre a Bat), that this is not a situation he wants to stay in permamently. Jill is simply looking out for herself, and really doesn’t care about Bob.

Bob needs help, and you have to get him out of this situation.

BK-isnt that “wow, I am made entirely of mercury” feeling pretty neat?

On the OP, Bob needs to evolve into a creature with a spine. And Jill needs to run over by a big pickup truck full of drunk frat boys.

And I am happily wasted and will be going to bed now.

Sounds like Jill’s main purpose in this was to show Bob who is the boss. And she showed him well.

If I were you, I’d point this out to Bob, and remind him that although it is his choice to stay with her or not, if he stays, it’s going to be more of the same.