Two Women

My second post, and a pathetic one at that. There are two women who I am in essence a slave to. And neither one notices. It sucks. But what are you going to do?

Find a third. You seem to have a talent which should not be wasted.

No, no, he didn’t mean sex, he meant they make him do all the housework.

Exactly. Being P-whipped (yes, I’m too much of a pussy to write the whole term out on these boards) is a wonderful talent. If there were only some way to make a profit…

Well, Purd, are you going to leave us hanging? Who are these women? What is your relationship to them? And just what are you doing with them / for them / to them?

is there a pussywhipped smiley I can use here?

I was a bit cryptic in the OP. Both are co-workers with whom I am enamored, one more than the other. While I’m gregarious enough in standard conversation, when it comes to asking someone out in whom I have a romantic interest, I seem to have developed a phobia which wasn’t present in my younger days. Until about two years ago, I was in an exclusive relationship which lasted 15 years. Now that I’m pretty much over that breakup, I’m ready to start seeing someone, yet am petrified at the thought of broaching romance with someone. Sheesh. I also am leery about the whole co-worker thing, since I work closely with these folks, and do value their friendship. At this point, it seems most likely that I will just get over my infatuation.

Uh, excuse me a second, Purd Werfect, while I take care of this one quick thng…

Hey, 2TrollyForSDMB, go fuck yourself.

Ahem, sorry about that.

I feel for you, Purd. I sometimes think I might be in your exact shoes soon, and I often wonder how I would go about meeting someone - you know, when you’ve been out of the swing for a while. I also know a few women at the work place who I would definitely like to date if I were in that situation, though I might not work as closely with them as you do at your job.

It seems you already have an established relationship with them, so the hard part is over. Do you know if they have any feelings for you? I would think that you might know by now, depending on what types of things you discuss. How long have you known them?

Try going to lunch with one of them (especially if you only really speak with them at work). Don’t think of it as angling for a date, just take it for face value. I have found that when you struggle with an issue too much, your situation becomes clouded. When you accept a situation and don’t expect anything, a solution will find it’s way to you. If you think of it that way, you’ll have nothing to lose. You may wind up dating, or you may wind up with an even better friendship with this person. I don’t know if you have any close female friends, but I know that I have learned a great deal from female friends of mine, and it invariably helped open new doors for me. Perhaps cultivating a meaningful relationship with one of them will do the same for you.