Trump Agenda Survey

I got this super-duper letter today from the Trump Agenda Survey! It even has a registration number! It asks what I think about Agent Orange’s hoped-for solutions to the issues we face. Then it asks for money. I think Trump should pay for everything himself, he’s got more money than I do. I will continue to pray that Jesus calls him home soon. :smiley:

Only way to be sure its authentic.

Does it have a postage paid return envelope? You could use that to send them something interesting in response. Careful with your DNA and fingerprints.

If it were me, I’d send back about 3 to 5 ccs of DNA. Hey, might as well amuse myself while amusing myself.

I received one because the previous owner of this house was a die hard Republican. I sent it back saying Trump should eliminate every government organization because he said that “he alone can solve this”.

I also told them we should not only make Mexico pay for the wall, but we should make all the countries of the world pay for our defense budget.

Taxes should be zero because Trump can handle everything himself and broker deals to make everyone else pay for the services we need.

Hmm. I think we can get more creative. Carve his image on the Moon, so we can see it forever. Close the White House, since we aren’t using it. Tear it down, and put in the yugeeeesttt, best Trump Tower ever.

Another Trump thread. Another participation trophy. Congratulations.

Trump is the gift that keeps on winning.

I started one and I didn’t get my trophy. sulks

Got ya covered buddy.

I’m going to fill it out and return it, to ensure that they know that “people like [me]” do not support Trump and his agenda.


Trump has an agenda?

Not the old-fashioned, out-of-date “agenda” as used to be, a solid and certain set of goals and realities. No, this is the modern age and the Trump agenda is flexible and dynamic! This affords Trump the advantage of unpredictability, his opposition does not ever know what they will be faced with.

This advantage is marred somewhat by the appearance that Mr Trump, himself, doesn’t know either.

Worship me. That’s pretty much it.

We only get to participate once in this unending Republican Fuckup-A-Thon? If someone hits you in the leg with a baseball bat and you complain about it, are you supposed to keep quiet if this person next throws rocks at your car then poisons your cat? “You already bitched about this-move on!”

The other 2018r724 threads weren’t sufficient?

Another Trump thread, another person complaining about another Trump thread. Sorry, no participation trophy. How about a nice pat on the head?

Yeah, all over the thread. Need some Imodium…?

When the right-wing fuckups quit, the complaints will quit, so basically…

You first.

Piss off, idiots.