Trump announced he is running in 2024

Should one of us tell him that this means he concedes that he lost in 2020?


Does this also mean he’s given up the ghost on trying to become the president this year through chicanery like overturning the 2020 election or becoming the Speaker of the House and impeaching (and removing) Biden and Harris by somehow getting 67 votes in a Democratic-led Senate?

Doesn’t follow, actually. He didn’t lose, Biden is illegitimately in office, but due to the Deep State he needs to run and get elected (for the third time!) to Make America Great Again.

He just did his party a big disservice. Were he actually concerned with anyone or anything other than himself, he would realize that his decision is going to create severe divisiveness in his party. In fact, it could be outright political warfare that will only tarnish the image of the Republican party even more. This will, of course, help the Democratic party.

His party is the party of Trump. There is a large overlap with the Republican Party, but he doesn’t give a shit about how the GOP does, except as to how it effects him.

A true Malignant Narcissist.

I look forward to his annihilation in the primary.

Okay, but we were all saying that in 2015.

Yep. Once he gets his patented insult comedy routine honed, he’ll wipe the floor of his GOP primary opponents.

I’m trying to get my head around what this will mean - for both R AND D candidates. How will his historical lackeys be able to switch their allegiance? But if they don’t and he loses…?

For better or worse, Trump will be the GOP nominee for 2024. They have only themselves to blame when they struck that Faustian bargain in 2016. I certainly wouldn’t take his defeat in the general election for granted, but we’ve beat him before and can do it again. 2024 is going to be a weird election to be sure. One of the worst Senate maps you’ve ever seen for democrats, high likelihood we’ll be deep in the throes of a recession, and of course rampant right wing extremism follows in the wake of TFG wherever he goes.

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