The Donald Trump 2024 Campaign Thread (Primary Edition)

All signs and reports point to Trump announcing his 2024 candidacy tonight. This is the thread to see how a man who lost 6 of 7 elections* fares this time around.

Right now… :grimacing:

When the sex trafficking pedophile doesn’t want to be seen at your little get together…

*Won: 2016 electoral college
Lost: 2016, 2020 popular vote, 2020 EC, 2018 House, 2020 Senate, 2022 Red Wave (or so Republicans are telling us).

Well, I just deleted that response…

So I’ll just say, “Shit”.

I do have a question, however… Can individual states exclude him from ballots for… I dunno? I guess it would be criteria set by that state.

I’m in SoFL about 25 miles from Mar-a-Lago right now = 3pm on the 15th. It’s a lovely day here. In Washington DC right now it’s a bit rainy, but the FAA’s command center website says air traffic is moving normally.

I suspect the “weather” that Gaetz is nervous about is the political weather. As in which way the wind is blowing.

On the good side-Tramp and DeSantis might split the Republican vote.
On the bad side-There is a strong possibility that between the two of them, the Republican Party is going to go even more bull goose loony, just when it looked as if they were beginning to step back from the ledge.

So who will be there? My guess… if it is an announcement… MTG and Kari Lake.

Agreed. No matter what Trump announces tonight he’ll want to be surrounded by his adoring toadies while he does it.

Hell, his own daughter won’t even be seen with him at this phoenix of a dumpster fire.

Can a state to anything about a federal election?

I wonder if there will be a cage match to determine the VP slot?

Candidates from parties other than the big 2 are often found only on some states’ ballots, not all 50. So it’s at least theoretically possible for State X to decide the e.g. Republican candidate failed to qualify for that state’s ballot.

There isn’t any real federal election; there are 50 state elections.

Yeah, to paraphrase a wise man, Gaetz is a moron, but he doesn’t have to be a weatherman to know which way those winds are blowing.

He will do it.

A caution:

You might also count 2000, where he ran for president as a member of the Reform Party, but dropped out of the race in February. Though technically, he was only in 2 primaries (in California and Michigan) and won both of them. But his withdrawal early on was certainly a failure in my eyes.

He truly is the Biggest Loser.

I feel the bad side of a Trump campaign is he’ll make DeSantis seem like an acceptable candidate by comparison.

Do you have to have a Truth Social account to see it?

From the New York Post

Jason Miller, Trump’s former campaign spokesman and CEO of the fledgling social media network GETTR, told The Post Monday evening that the so-called “VIP guest list” for the announcement in Mar-a-Lago’s ballroom had not yet been finalized, leaving it unclear which family members or members of Congress would attend.

“I’m expecting 1,000 people and an additional several hundred press,” Miller said. “He’s very much looking forward to taking the fight to Biden, which you’ll see from tomorrow’s speech!”

Sounds like the chaotic shitshow will be in full swing from minute 1.

It’ll be interesting to see how TFG spins a nearly empty ballroom and no family into a ginormous outpouring of support. The bigly-est campaign announcement ever!!

Sad. Just sad. For the USA that is.

Apparently, Trump will probably be able to post on Facebook again if he announces his candidacy.

Trump has not been allowed to post on his Facebook and Instagram accounts since the days following the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol. However, Meta plans on considering allowing Trump back on the platform as soon as January – two years since his initial ban.