Trump, Cruz, Rubio: the three hairballs the GOP has coughed up for its Presidential nominee

Seriously, does any of these three clowns deserve to be any closer to the Oval Office than you get on a White House tour?

Donald Trump, the front runner, has next to no understanding of any of the issues he opines on so loudly.

Based on his inability to say anything meaningful about any policy matter off the cuff rather than in prepared speeches and sound bites, the same is clearly true for Rubio.

And while Cruz is a bit smarter than the other two, he’s a raging theocrat and a world-class asshole.

And that’s even without considering where they stand on issues (to the extent that they bother to understand them), which is across-the-board abhorrent.

Yet these are the three finalists in the GOP’s half of our national roller derby to choose our next President: a group of candidates who make Romney, McCain, and even George W. Bush look good by comparison.

As Sen. Lindsey Graham said last night, “My party has gone batshit crazy.” Yeppers to that. It’s jumped the shark, it’s gone over the edge, it’s a freakin’ loony bin.

And it’s coughed up three finalists for the GOP nomination whose policy papers should be written in crayon.

Lord save us.

Eh, in that aspect Rubio seems pretty similar to Bush, and functionally he’d be similar to Romney and McCain. You’re right about the other two, though.

I disagree: both Romney and McCain had, and have, a far better grasp on policy than Rubio will have anytime between now and his dying day. And as much and as often as I denigrated the Shrub, I’d say that even Dubya had a noticeably better grasp of policy in 2000 than Rubio has now.

It’s a low bar to limbo under, but I really think Rubio manages it quite easily.

Too bad that for Rubio to have a chance he would have now to essentially force a contested convention, I expect in that case (or with Trump already selected) to see clones of Pat Buchanan’s with dozens of “Culture War” speeches instead of one that in the past was enough to make American people be wary of the Republicans then.

I also expect many of the so called moderate Republicans to praise the prospective divider in chief just out of misguided loyalty, but many Americans will not believe them; Not a problem for the Republicans, because many smarter Republicans will act as if the show will have to go on. Regardless if it is clear that they are aware of the turds they will have to polish in the general election.

(Just a reminder here that Trump has pointed at the support of Sarah Palin as making a huge difference in the primaries, the New York Daily News was right)

What makes you say that? I don’t like Rubio, but he seems to be pretty well informed about “policy” (which is a very broad term, btw).

I pretty much agree with you on the two, although I don’t know how much of Cruz’s religiosity is pandering vs real. Still, I’d rather not have to find out…

Be honest; you’d open essentially this same thread no matter who the potential Republican nominees were, right?

The establishment seems to be behind Rubio, finally (according the Nate Silver and FiveThirtyEight). So it’s actually not that bad of a chance.

Of course, everyone thinks Trump will go third party if it happens, so it’s pretty much a death knell for the Republican party this time around. But they may like that idea better than running Trump and having him actually win.

I never thought I’d wind up being on the same side as establishment Republicans. Donald Trump: bringing our country together.

There was a lot of potential alright, but that is not the deal we got now.

As I do take into account of the hypocrisy many Republicans showed when they claimed Palin was the beesness, at least I can get from your line here that you are indeed aware that there were many other more worthy candidates that should had been there at the end.

Unfortunately that is not the deal many Republicans (that are moderate and smart) got. But I expect many of the moderates to start lying to themselves claiming that they are now ok with this result.

Well, if George Pataki had stayed in, I think he might be acceptable (or at least plausible) to Democrat-leaning Americans. Blue-state New York thought so, three times.

2015-6 is the Republican culmination of crazy, though.


While I strongly oppose most of Gov. Kasich’s policies, for instance, I believe he’d be compentent as President, just wrongheaded.

If all five of the remaining candidates miraculously turned into progressive Democrats, I’d still be vehemently opposed to Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and of course Carson, for President, or for just about anything else of significance.

I’d be quite happy to have a suddenly progressive John Kasich in the Oval Office, though. He’s run a state, he’s had long experience in Congress where he got into the weeds of budgetary and other issues. He’s fundamentally capable. I’d love to have him on my side.

But there are people who you almost hate to have as allies, because they’re going to embarrass your side more than help it. Trump, Cruz, and Rubio all fall into that category, AFAIAC. The GOP can have them. I wouldn’t want them being an embarrassment to my side of things.

And that’s the thing: even if you’re a conservative Republican (as Sen. Lindsey Graham is), but you’re also reasonably intelligent, don’t you have to be at least a bit uneasy at what your party has horked up here?

I liked some of the other lines quoted in the article:

Those are both pretty funny.

I saw a few clips from last night’s debate. I’ve seen more dignified and Presidential slapfights in junior high school cafeterias. Did they ever get around to policy, or did they spend the entire evening going “Nu’uh, you’re the worst candidate!”?

I watched a clip of Graham’s bit. On Carson, he also mentioned that he tried to hit his mother in the head with a hammer “and he’s the one we like.” Graham added, “How did I lose to these guys?” I laughed.

Ah, so you finally admit that W. was a good President.

Of course he would. It’s the dope. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t 20 other Pit threads calling the Republicans poopy-heads.

Now, now, whining unbecomes you. It’s your boys who are generating all this comedy gold, which would still exist even if no one ever made a thread about it.

Only in the sense that slime mold is better than dog shit.

But there will never be a candidate who literally resembles a hairball more than Trump.

The odd thing is that on paper Kasich is the most qualified of the lot, and one would expect his religious-conservative politics satisfactory to the base. Yet, in what is supposed to be the party of Very Serious People, still he trails.

Even the conservatives have mostly given up on that one.

Far more so than either of the brain-dead bozos that the Dems are shilling.