Trump has fired Comey.

MSNBC is reporting now.

I wasn’t around for Nixon, what happened next? .

Lessee - he 'fessed up about the email debacle. I guess since he couldn’t stick to the party line, he had to go.

Or is that cynical of me??

Not that this will necessarily play out in any similar way.

Trump rewards loyalty! :smiley:

I heard somewhere that the president can easily fire the CIA director, but the FBI director – did I mishear?


I heard this on NPR on the drive home. Trump’s claiming he fired Comey for mishandling the Clinton email investigation. It apparently has nothing to do with him snooping around Trump’s ties to Russia. Yeah right…

From my NY Times link:

Even though you’re not investigating me personally, I’m firing you anyway.

I don’t think Jared Kushner can be given any more jobs in the government. They might have to find someone else.

Tiffany’s not doing anything.

The FBI director has a ten year term, but still serves at the pleasure of the president during that term. It’s a maximum term, to keep one guy from getting ensconced in that position and turning the FBI into his personal secret police…again.

WAIT, the deputy AG says they fired him for being too mean to Hillary? Does anybody at all believe that?

Let’s re-write history.

Seriously? Trump reveled in constantly bring it up. He was positively gleeful about it.

I give it an 80% chance that Trump tries to nominate Rudy Guiliani, 15% Chris Christie, and 5% other.

So, is this the beginning of the end of the Trump administration, or the beginning of the total collapse of the U.S. government?

I am sure Trump fired Comey for reasons that wholly benefit Trump, but, frankly, getting rid of James Comey isn’t at all bad thing for the FBI or the United States of America. He had become a distracting joke.

Now, what we need to see is who replaces him. THAT could be bad. Probably will be.

No-- they fired him for being too nice to Hillary – specifically over the statement he made on July 5th 2016 when he announced that the investigation into the e-mails was closed.

The letters sent to Comey as attachments from Sessions and his deputy lay out the case in excruciating detail.

I see Trump’ whiny little ego intertwined in this – really, you should really keep dismissal letters short and sweet and general. But the mad king is cranky and wants to behead someone.

Not entirely clear of that. From The New York Times article cited by davidm above (bold added):

“Thanks for your help in getting me elected, but you’re fired.” What an ungrateful prick.

I shed no tears for Comey. Obama should have fired him for the news conference in which he lambasted Hillary after deciding not to prosecute her. His meddling in the election is inexcusable, so good riddance.

But surely he isn’t being fired for throwing the election. He’s being fired because his investigation is beginning to hit too close to home. Republicans will stonewall the hiring of a special prosecutor, which is what should happen. Maybe they can bring Bork back to fire the special prosecutor. This all smells like coverup.