Trump has fired Comey.

She’s probably busy getting her name changed. Wouldn’t you?

if my name was Tiffany, damned straight. :smiley:

What a freaking three-ring circus this country has become.

Are there any elected Democrats who did not want to fire Comey within the last year?

Trump has managed to get rid of the questionable Comey while reminding everyone who’s interested in politics that the Head of the FBI has repeatedly made it clear that Trump was not under FBI investigation.

While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justive that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.

Trump is a marketing genius. He knew that his letter firing Comey would be read directly, or indirectly, by millions of people. Why else would he include the sentence, “While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation”. Very clever.

Democrats seem to be outraged by the choice to fire Comey at this point in time.

IMHO, Comey should have been fired sooner.

So pretty much everyone who called for Comey’s firing should have praise for this action, yes?

I don’t. I never thought Comey should have been fired then, and I don’t now. I viewed him as a neutral investigator on the Trump case and the Clinton case. This is a very bad development, in my view.

“From now on, I want to be known as Beatrix Drumph.”

Not at all. It’s possible to think he was incompetent or showed poor judgment, and still be very concerned about the reasons he was fired today.

This.^ This smells bad.

Won’t be Christie. Jared Kushner is still in a hissyfit that Christie sent his dad to jail.

When they make a movie out of all this, they should totally get Ed Helms to play Comey.

Comey was an appointee for an allegedly/hopefully bi-partisan, non-political job. If the Democrats like the appointee, they would fight to keep 'em. If the Republicans like the appointee, they would fight to keep 'em. Who’s fighting to keep Comey? Who is Comey’s clout in DC?

Who decided that he by golly MUST publicly announce developments in one case, and by jiminy absolutely MUST keep t’other under wraps. Neutral, right.

I hear Michael Flynn is looking for a job. Trump will probably make him the new FBI Director.

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Yep. If this was about those things back then, he would have been fired sooner. He was fired because he was investigating Trump, and that is bad. Really bad.

The question is whether Republicans will rise above loyalty to their party to actually deal with this. Or if they’ll still try to mitigate it because harming Trump harms the party. It was easier with Nixon, since congress was not the same party as the president.

Still, Comey’s not impartial. An impartial guy would not have said all the stuff about Clinton, as his job was just to report on the investigation. Nor would he release stuff so close to the election as he did. He clearly hated Clinton, and his partiality meant he should have been fired. (But Obama couldn’t because he understands optics.)

It’s just that I think he’s realized how bad Trump is, and he at least was unwilling to put Party in front of Country. It’s not that he’s impartial, but that even partial people can see how evil Trump is. Like you can, Bricker.

Comey made a lot of mistakes. His misstatement before Congress last week was the final straw.

Even Mitch McConnell said, last week he had no confidence in Comey.

Everyone knows the Democrats wanted Comey gone. Now they want to play politics and act all shocked.
Any ongoing investigations can and should continue. That’s all handled at a different level in the FBI. Comey wasn’t personally investigating anything. He’s a bureaucrat.

If you have both sides ticked off at you, you’re either doing a great job of being impartial or a bad job in general.

I don’t know which was the case with Comey.

Archibald Cox must be rolling in his grave. The difference, of course, is that Cox didn’t get Nixon elected.

Roughly concurrent with grand jury subpoenas being issued for associates of Michael Flynn.