Trump is the Antichrist to some people, and it's okay with them

In the Pit CalMeacham posted this quote:

Coincidentally, I’ve been reading up on Christian Eschatology, the beliefs of some about the end of the world, and had seen “signs” that could be force fitted into fulfillment of prophecy. (Y’know, kids, it doesn’t count as a proper prediction if you make it happen.) These Premillenialists feel we are in the Great Tribulation and Trump is the instrument through which God will destroy three quarters of humanity. In other words, the Antichrist.

In 1947, Bishop Fulton Sheen said of the Antichrist

I don’t believe in this stuff; the problem is people who do. But what are your thoughts?

I don’t think Trump is the AntiChrist because the AntiChrist will likely be someone far more competent and capable than Trump. As a pastor put it many years ago, “The AntiChrist will make Hitler look like a choir boy in comparison.” The AntiChrist will probably be someone 100x more competent, cunning, powerful and winsome than Trump ever is or could be.

And I looked and yet another horseman, though he was riding an elephant. And he was orange of flesh, with a punchable face, and his hair was not his hair but the scat of worms. And a sharpie was in his his hand, and he spoke with the voice of an angry toddler saying, “Worship me, for no greater man has ever lived. Bow down before me. Look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair!”

And despair raced over the land, for he was a lying, incompetent fuck. Even his servants were getting sick of his shit.

And the people wailed onto the Lord that the world must end by such an unworthy one.

And the Lord said to them, “Even as a serpent brought sin into the world, so a shit-spewing snake must take it out.”

And the Lord laughed His Ass off as the people wept. Blessed be the Ass of the Lord.

Well, that’s what YOU say Velocity, but I’d like to hear from someone less dismissive than you or I. Someone who believes Trump possesses those qualities.

Here’s the problem with trying to second guess the Second Coming.

Pompeo and Pence may think they have the end time worked out but God most likely has other plans.

I believe Trump is a antichrist (there is no ‘the antichrist’, it’s more of a generic term), possible a Nephilim (thus has power over others) and a very evil one at that, and perhaps the first beast as described in revelation. Unquestinable satanic and for whatever reason God has allowed him to rule for this time via deception, and since he lies like a rug and can’t believe a word he says, everything he says and does is deception.

Lovely, Two Many Cats, but I’m thinking more the Abomination of Desolation…

But I’m trying to keep this a serious thread because serious people are doing serious things…

But the Father can reveal it:

And in your above Matthew quote the Father did reveal it, to Noah. So if Jesus said it will be like the days of Noah, we can expect revelation to at least one person.

“…Always look on the bright side of life…
…Deedo,…deedo, deedo, deedo…”

Won’t Pompeo and Pence’s faces be red if The End doesn’t arrive soon! I guess they’ll have to convince this POTUS to issue the launch orders. “Go ahead Donny (I mean Mister President) - Gawd Almighty tells me everything will go just fine after you nuke Tehran, Constantinople (I mean Istanbul), Pyongyang, Peking (I mean Beijing), Paris, Ottawa, and San Francisco. We’ll spare Australia - don’t want to hurt those kangaroos, do we now?”

When a believer has access to The Button, we’re fucked.

Sorry for my glibness, but having lived through the Jehovah’s Witness Armageddon Debacle of 1975, I find it impossible to take these things seriously.

So when thousands of Americans and tens of thousands of Iranians are lying dead, Pompeo and Pence are going to look stupider than ever when the rapture DOESN’T happen.

And maybe, please whatever god there may be, politicians, especially Republicans, will stop kissing the asses of the Evangelicals.

Fat chance.

Is it just me, or is it getting harder to tell Pence/Pompeo and ISIS apart? Their goals are certainly similar.

This kind of thing has happened before.

A lot of Biblical scholars realized that their interpretation of Daniel and Revelation was wrong when the Soviet Union collapsed.

I don’t think Dumpster is THE Antichrist. It’s really obvious that he’s evil.

I’ve been a born-again Christian since the fall of 1970, back in the “Late Great Planet Earth” days.

Needless to say, I’ve seen prospective End Times come and go. After awhile, if you’ve got a functioning brain, you look and see all those other times that were supposedly about to be the End Times, and you think, “there’s nothing particularly special about this time either, why would anyone who’s been around the block a couple of times believe that this time is really going to be the End Times?”

Mike Pompeo is 56 years old. That’s a bit too old for falling for this shit. He shouldn’t be trusted with the car keys, let alone have a substantial role in government.

Well done! :smiley:

I don’t believe in this either, but I’ll be damned if I could come up with a better description of “Prosperity Gospel” than the above. I’m an atheist, and even I consider this crap to be blasphemous. If it turns out I’m wrong about all this God Stuff, I’m absolutely sure all these fuckers will be burning in hell right beside me.

The banality of evil

This is exactly what a true evil mastermind would want you to think.

What evidence do you have that either Pompeo’s or Pence’s beliefs on the end times are affecting their policy beliefs and actions at all? This is just a crazy conspiracy theory.

How is pushing for the assassination of Iran’s chief terrorist leader going to cause to the establishment of Greater Israel?

Who are these Premillienialists who think that Trump is the anti-Christ? I have read the late great planet earth, and seen both “A Thief in the Night” and “Left Behind”. Trump is the opposite of what those works and those behind them thought the anti-Christ was going to be like. Given what happens to the followers of the anti Christ, no one who thought Trump was the anti Christ would follow him.