Trump kicking off re-election campaign in Florida this Saturday

Keeps him out from under President Bannon’s feet and lets Trump get on with what he’s good at. Makes sense to me.

I’ll be curious to see how many people actually show up.

And if it’s a decent number, I’ll be curious to see how long it takes for the media to determine that most of them were shills.

Even if his supporters are still happy with him (though, given that even Fox is dumping on him, I’m a bit doubtful), now that they’ve won it and have already had all their celebrations over that, I’m not feeling like going out to a political rally is at the top of most people’s weekend to-do list.

Maybe if he was selling it as one of his “How to make it rich and even become President!” seminars, I could see a…particular section of the populace deciding to go. But if it’s really just a “Woohoo me!” for Trump, I’m not seeing it.

Wonder how many rubles are in the 2020 campaign war chest. The dude can’t function unless he’s in front of a rabid, adoring crowd.

As if. If your Facebook news feed has any of his supporters, he could burn an American flag while singing the Soviet anthem and pissing on the Constitution simultaneously and his supporters would denounce anyone who doesn’t find that to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

He wants to do it now, before his charms wear off, I suspect!

This liberal meme is atonishing. Do you honestly think that Trump, with an ego the size of the universe, would allow any underling to rule for him? All of his cabinet will have Trump watching their every move and constantly intervening if he doesn’t like what he sees. His whole career tells us that he believes himself to be the center of the universe. Bannon will have no more power than Trump allows him and that won’t be much.

You assume that Loser Donald is smart enough to recognize that President Bannon is taking advantage of him.

I see no evidence which suggests this is the case.

That’s because he (Trump) appears to be the useful idiot. He’s so egotistical that it’s easy to appeal to his vanity. Couple that with the fact that he doesn’t appear to have deep understanding of the issues and he’s ripe for picking.

Liberals started using the President Bannon line to actual wake Trump up to the situation. He’s a Wormtongue or a Jafar; that insidious little voice in his ear. Bannon scares the hell out of us because to all appearances, he doesn’t have Trump’s or America’s best interests at heart, just his own agenda.

Believe it or not, liberals would like nothing more than to be wrong about Trump. It’s just that every day events indicate more and more that we were spot-on.

This. Do you think Charlie McCarthy knew that was Edgar Bergen’s hand up his butt? And Bergen’s voice coming out somewhere near his mouth? Trump doesn’t know it either.

When a massive overflowing cheering and jubilant crowd shows up, we’re going to see how much the American people, not illegals, love Trump. Those polls showing him being unpopular will be shown to be fake.

The only question is if the Soros paid thugs will ruin it or not.

I wonder if the Antifa thugs operate in pro-gun states. I guess we’ll find out.

It’s been weeks since he’s gotten to speak in front of a cheering crowd; he’s been going through withdrawal.

He’s been president for a month, and he’s kicking off his campaign for an election that’s nearly 4 years away. More proof that he has very little interest in actually doing the job (which I suspect he’s hating), but just wants the adoration.

No matter how much he fucks up, you’re going to be able to fill an arena with his brain-dead cheerleaders. If the American people loved him so much, he wouldn’t have the lowest approval ratings of anyone to sit where he is so early in a term. And what the fuck this has to do with “illegals”, I haven’t a clue.

It’ll be interesting if George Zimmerman shows up.

Exactly. Campaigning is the fun part. When you’re President, they expect you to do stuff. Ugh. And they’re mean to you. Who needs that crap?

And hey, if there aren’t enough, Trump’s administration will pay people to attend and give him another standing ovation.

Maybe O’Keefe can organize it.

If I didn’t know your posting history I would assume that this was written by a liberal poster as a snarky jab at the standard Trump spin. Even given your history I’m still getting the feeling I’m being wooshed. Poe’s law is really hard to overcome.

As to why he’s doing this I think he’s doing it because that’s what he likes to do best. Most politicians see running and winning a campaign to be a means to an end. A necessary contest to slog through in order to get to where they need to be in order to advance their policy goals. With Trump I think its the opposite. What he really likes is being fawned over by cheering crowds. Actually running the government hard and boring. The last 4 weeks have been a headache and he probably can’t wait for the next 4 years to be over so he can go back to the fun part.

ETA: or what Kenobi and ThelmaLou said.

So what that campaigning is fun for him? Just because Hillary needed top special effects experts from Hollywood to make her look alive at her rallies that drew a few hundred, doesn’t mean Trump should avoid them.

Yes, he’s had a rough week. But this is a chance to flex his political muscle and put the Democrats back in their place. He’ll talk about the panicked illegal aliens fleeing the country and the 7 billion dollar Intel plant creating 3000 jobs, and all will be well.

Campaigning =/= actually being president. He has the job. Campaigning for the 2020 election in 2017 is, in fact, him avoiding his job.

He complained and complained about Obama taking too many vacations and playing too much golf. A month into his four-year term, and Trump is already finding ways to avoid spending time doing the job to which he was elected, just 3 1/2 months ago.

It’s fine, he’s left his top advisors holding down the fort.