Trump kicking off re-election campaign in Florida this Saturday

Does this gathering of the Cheeto cult have a name? Like, A Celebration of Incompetence, or I Don’t Know What The Fuck I’m Doing, Please Cheer For Me You Low IQ Morons?

I’m sure thousands will show up. Or to put it another way, a couple hundred full sets of teeth.

The fact that she got more votes than trump still irritates and forces you to bring her up. Wow.

“Basket of Deplorables” never goes out of style.

How about “Confederacy of Dumpsterfires?”

This reminds me of when Republicans were simultaneously complaining that the president was busy destroying the country and that he was playing too much golf. Make up your mind.

I called it on Dec 1, 2016:

Campaign season again? Oh, shoot, I guess the Supreme Court will just have to make do with eight until the election is over.

On the plus side, he’ll be able to reuse his campaign slogan. I’m sure there’ll be a greater need to “Make America Great Again” in 2020 than there was in 2016.

“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will.” -Josef Goebbels

Yes, I quoted a Nazi in reference to the Trump administration.

Trump reportedly asked Kasich to be the Vice President, promising to put him in charge of domestic and foreign policy and make Kasich the most powerful VP ever. Manafort said that Donald wanted a VP to be the COO of the company, with Donald like the CEO.

The Trump camp denied it afterwards, but given that they lie every time they exhale and also that Donald is clearly avoiding all the actual work involved, their credibility is non-existent.

There will certainly be violent actors at Trump’s rally. Isn’t that a funny coincidence. It will certainly be a great excuse to amp up the brownshirting.

Would this watching eye include Trump not reading the EO that put Bannon on the NSC?

You will note that despite not being happy about not being fully briefed on it Bannon is still on the NSC. Funny that. It is almost like Bannon is manipulating Trump. In any case, with watchfulness like that who needs … what’s the opposite of watchfulness … check’s thesaurus… let’s go with ignorance. It seems supremely appropriate to describe Trump.

Much like the “fake news” Trump was complaining about which didn’t talk about the vast number of supporters lining the streets of Florida yesterday… probably because the majority of them were actually protesters.

He seems to be capable of doing both simultaneously.

And the complaints aren’t that he’s taking too many vacations; the complaints are that he and his supporters made a point of bringing up Obama’s vacations and golfing and yet he’s taken multiple days off in his first month in office to go golfing and his supporters are strangely silent on the matter.

Y’all may want to go into hiding until Pence is in office. Won’t be long.

Once he’s in, just change the subject every time someone brings up Trump. Some of the Republicans in Congress have already go the ball rolling by refusing to say, “President Trump,” in any public statement.


It’s OK If A Republican Golfs.

I think many of the Trump supporters were just pissed that a black man was allowed near the clubhouse.

I don’t think you’ve been paying attention. Trump’s businesses were largely a failure till he hit on the way to play to his strength. In recent decades he has made money by lending his name to other people’s development projects. He gives them “TRUMP” and does the Big Guy act. He gets his ego stroked and feels like he’s in charge and it’s his development, while the actual developer runs things.

This is a TRUMP presidency. There’s every sign it will work the same way.

Sure Trump will allow an underling to rule for him, as long as he has (or believes he has) power of veto, and as long as he gets the credit.

Do you think he actually wrote the words on those exec orders he made a razzle dazzle production out of signing? Nah, Bannon or whoever wrote them. Trump glanced at the words (didn’t even realise what he was signing, in the case of the NSC order) then signed and smiled authoritatively while showing them to a room full of cameras (while the desk hid his erection and the growing stain on his trousers).

[edited to add: yes I’m sure someone else wrote the words of executive orders signed by Obama etc also. But you can be damn sure he (professor of law) read every single word and didn’t sign till he was completely happy with every syllable].


Arm bands! Get your souvenir armbands here! Only twenty-five dollars.

How exactly do you get Soros to pay you for this? I’ve been to plenty of protests and I’ve yet to receive one check.