Trump live Tweets history

“I like messiahs who don’t get crucified. Very weak. Saw it coming.”

“Truman drops A-bomb on Japs today. Too scared to fight war like a man.”

“Read @ChDickens new Xmas Carol today. Tragic ending. Scrooge just a very pathetic man.”

“Brits going to crush colonists. American military a disaster since Phony Washington took over. Maybe soldiers should take him out.”

“Re: My tweet on Phony Washington. Pathetic media can’t take a joke. I meant the soldiers should take him out to a nice dinner. Sad.”

#Emp Hirohito is a strong leader, unlike our own crippled prez. We’re absolutely getting killed in the market.”

@Little Adolf is a wimp, and probably unbalanced. He’ll never rule Germany. Very weak.”

@RealMoses says he’ll part Red Sea tomorrw. Used to be my accountant. Not very good with numbers, hope he knows what hes doing.”

@POTUSLincoln just spoke at Gettysburg. Still no mention of radical islam. Very weak pres. No clue.”

@POTUSReagan shot! I prefer people who don’t get shot. #LOSER #sad

@MayflowerPilgrims: criminals, rapists, drug dealers. And some I assume are good people.

@JohannesGutenberg just invented the printing press. What do we need books for anyway? #overrated #stupid

@JFKTruthers - Poor weak Johnny hires assassin to shoot himself! Must’ve been a catholic! Sad!

“Wow! Big news for Japan in latest brfng! Hint to Hiroshima: LEAVE”

“Only losers jump. I shorted the Dow, and am looking forward to a gr8 1930! MAGA!”

“Many people ask: Why don’t we see FDR walk? What is he and CrookedEleanor hiding?”

“JP Morgan’s nose is fubared. Why doesn’t he get that fixed? Sad!”

“We’re going to build a wall. A Great Wall. Keep out the Mongol rapists!”

#Japs just bombed Pearl Harbor!

#America’s response will be youuuuuugeeeeee!

Hey, even Donald Trump has to be right once in a awhile :slight_smile:

“Hitler is not going into Poland, OK? just so you understand. He’s not going to go into Poland, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want.”

#General Custer a great man. Little Bighorn not in doubt.#losercrazyhorse

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Barron Trump @RealBarronTrump · Jun 16 1215

Need to repeal #MagnaCarta! Bad deal for English working serfs. We need smart charters!

“Canal opens in Panama. Low energy solution to problem. Trump Canal will go straight through Mexico, believe me”

Dishonest media IGNORES fantastic fiddle playing by @Nero. Sad! #MakeRomeGreatAgain

“Saw new @WmShakespeare play #Hamlet last night. Low energy. Ophelia should be played by a hotter piece of ass.”

Saw Othello last night. Black guy kills wife. #bitchhaditcoming

@Columbus bringing in 3 boatlands of Spanish-speaking #aliens taking our jobs!

Democrat HQ #Watergate broken into. Shoddy security wouldn’t happen at @Trump properties!

Just FYI…

Donald never uses hashtags. If you see a hashtag in his Tweets, it’s inevitably written by staff.

@PPilate @Caesar Somebody “stole” the body! I told you this crucifixion was rigged!

Pretty sure he did #AmericasMerkel in regard to Hillary. Not to be confused with #GermanysMerkin, which he tweeted in his review of Dr. Strangelove.