Trump nearly needed a ventilator?

Although this story has multiple sources, I’m still skeptical that the Manchurian Cantaloupe really did have COVID in the first place.

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Loser Donald’s ego would never have allowed him to lie about being sick - he’d have been standing at a podium proclaiming himself the healthiest man to ever live.

He had it. Not because I trust anything that came out of his mouth or his hand-picked doctor, but because it caused him a lot of political damage (a president who doesn’t take COVID seriously and made it very political gets COVID during an election). Trump saying he was healthy when he had COVID makes “sense”. Trump saying he had COVID when he didn’t would make no sense at all; all downsides and no upside.

Since this is already being discussed in the Pit thread about the case, and this seems mostly to be political commentary, I’m going to refer you to that thread and close this one.