Trump on Waterboarding

From the Washin gton Post, by way of MaddowBlog:

“Believe me, it works”??? I have to ask – how does he know? Myself, I’d think that most people aren’t very good at holding their breath for 5 minutes, let alone 15. I;'d say this makes this a singularly inefficient method of inducing conversation. But maybe that’s not the point.

“Believe me, it works”? Has anyone looked into employee treatment at Trump’s Atlantic City casinos?

I’m pretty sure I don’t believe anything that comes out of Trump’s pie hole.

Frankly, I don’t think he wants to be President. He got into this race on a lark and he’s getting bored, but his popularity is too high for him to just walk away. So he’s trying to piss off enough of his supporters - then he can use falling poll numbers as a convenient excuse to quit running.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ll cling to my narrative.

Regardless, he’s a jerk.

It worked on the Arabs that cheered the destruction of the WTC as they watched from Jersey City. Trump watched them being waterboarded on TV.

And he was four miles away from his TV at the time. Eyes like a hawk, I tell ya.

It messes up your hair something awful!!

I think he’s saying that the terrorists are the ones who “build these iron cages, and they’ll put 20 people in them and they drop them in the ocean for 15 minutes and pull them up 15 minutes later.”

Of course water boarding works, all methods or torture “work”, as in they produce such a horrible amount of dread, pain and fear that the subject to it will say or do anything to make it stop. The problem is that you can’t trust the information, because as I said the subject of torture will say anything to make it stop.

I actually have some personal experience of that and the psychological process is quite interesting. Basically your higher cognitive functions are dismantled (extremely quickly) and your psyche tries to protect itself either by shutting down, merging with the environment or escaping into hallucination. Basically you regress down to infantile or non-personal states of consciousness.

As a side note my personal take is that anyone who publicly states that water boarding is not torture should volunteer to be subjected to it for, let’s say, 15 seconds. If they can take it for 15 seconds without breaking down, they can keep saying that it isn’t. My guess is that everyone who isn’t specifically trained to withstand torture will break before that. Christopher Hitchens offered to try it and lasted only a few seconds. He said he had nightmares afterward of being smothered and still suffered from a sense of panic in certain situations. It’s incredibly traumatizing.

I can’t help but be interested in what sort of things The Donald would be willing to confess with “enhanced interrogation” applied. Why do you really want to become president, mr Trump?

Trump will not only bring back waterboarding, he’ll put it on pay-per-view. “You’re tortured.”

The appropriate way to think about Trump’s position on anything is to picture, literally, a loose cannon on a storm-tossed ship. When the ship heels in one direction, the cannon goes rolling down the deck and smashes into things. When it leans in the other, the cannon goes rolling the other way and smashes into something else. At no point does the cannon actually have any deep thoughts about anything.

No, no, no. It’ll be Celebrity Torturer. He’ll assemble a group of C-list “celebrities” and they’ll see which one can waterboard Carly Simon into revealing who the other two “vain” men are.

Trump will just declare he was the other two men. He’s just that amazing.

He would make a terrific vain person!!

Not bad, I like it.


And what’s more, he’ll make Mexico pay for it!

I hope Trump plans to never travel internationally again after he’s President (in that unlikely scenario). Any country may prosecute someone for war crimes regardless of where the offences happened, and water boarding is unequivocally Torture and a War Crime under the geneva convention.

He should have a chat to Shrub about how thats working out for him:

Would that be 15 minutes or 30 minutes total ?
Anyway, they must be immensely strong or use cranes and winches and suchlike, hovered over the rolling deep like a bathysphere. Iron cages weigh a lot but when you start filling them with 20 bodies it’s like hauling whales.

Trump seems to disconnect his brain and just spout random stuff he’s heard mashed up together once he’s on a roll. Jordanian pilot burnt alive + ISIS keeping human shields in cages + water boarding = this pile of crap.

I’m sure that an AI researcher could build a convincing Trump bot that would just sample random phrases from Fox and Tea Party websites and mash them up together.

It’s like the comment section at Reddit has come to life and is running for President.

Lol, good one!

I think he is just generating images that appeal to the creep contingent of the GOP base. They like to think about things like walls on the border, sticking it to those brown people, etc. So he conjures up waterboarding, and the trogs applaud. It doesn’t have to be real or even realistic, it just has to be hateful.

And trust me, hate works!