Trump, or American citizen selected at random?

You have a presidential choice:

  1. Donald Trump,


  1. An American citizen - over 35 years old, Constitutionally eligible for the presidency in every regard - selected at random (yes, over 100 million names put into a lottery and drawn by a machine.) Could be any race, gender, religion, occupation, etc. The Vice President will be selected the same way. There are no 2nd drawings!

There are a lot of drawbacks to choosing a random citizen as President: You have no idea what they’ll support, they’re probably totally inexperienced, and so on. But all of those drawbacks are also known to apply to Trump. With the random citizen, there’s at least a chance we’ll get a competent businessperson, or something.

Plus, the random citizen will probably know they’re in over their head, and seek help.

Adding to what Chronos already said - it’s highly unlikely that a random person off the streets will be worse than Trump. They may not be as well connected or well-traveled, but the average person is probably about as well-informed (that is, not very).

And, most people are less of a selfish asshole than Trump is, so that would probably be the biggest gain.

Definitely random citizen – if they has even a lick of sense, they’ll recognize that they’re in over their head and bring in a lot of help from experienced people. And if they don’t, they’ll be ineffectual and probably quickly impeached.

I’d vote for Charles Manson over Donald Trump.

The biggest pro of the random citizen is they would not have institutional allies. No one would be invested in their success, so there would be less “I’m going to support every thing this person says, because they are my party.”

Even if it turned out they were a faithful R or D, no one would rush to be their biggest supporter right away.

The problem is that a lot of the things Trump is going to have support for are really bad ideas that shouldn’t happen.

Random citizen. Since Trump is a bad known quantity who has handlers and is actually preparing to learn how to screw things up, it’s safer to roll the dice for a chance to get someone better. Sure, we could get someone even worse, but the odds are in favor of an improvement over Trump.

This is kind of like asking if you want to play Russian Roulette with a revolver fully loaded with blanks, or one loaded with a single live round.

Well, I don’t think I’d go quite that far. Maybe Jared from Subway. Maybe.

Nevertheless, this seems like a case of reversing the old aphorism to read, “better the devil you don’t know…”.

Thing about Trump is, the voices in his head telling him what to do aren’t coming from the White Album…

Trump. While I feel Trump is a poor choice for President, random citizen would probably be even worse. There are hundreds of little day-to-day activities the President needs to execute, and most ordinary people would probably be completely overwhelmed and not even know where to begin. At least Trump has experience dealing with stuff like this; he would at least be able to handle reassigning the large pile of tasks to the appropriate people (I doubt he’s seriously interested in dealing with the day-to-day grind of the Presidency himself). Random citizen would probably just curl up in a ball underneath the desk and cry, and the day-to-day wouldn’t get done at all.

Bad-idea-wise, I wouldn’t expect Congress to be willing to work with President Trump all that much, so I would expect Congress to tell Trump “Your ideas are stupid and we’re not going to implement them.” To me, Trump passing the buck on his daily duties to underlings and then abusing his executive power (until Congress grows a pair and shuts him down) is the lesser evil compared to having some random guy getting absolutely zero done and having serious daily problems quickly pile up.

Random citizen. But I’d want an income cap. No one who has a salary over 150k is eligible.

Trump, he at least has experience being a leader and playing with the big boys. Not saying he does it well or always honorably, but he knows how to manage at least somewhat.

I’ll take the random citizen. We know that Trump is a bigoted, xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, ignorant, sociopathic liar. There is a chance that random citizen will be none of these things.

Or in a horrifying 125 million to 1 chance, Ted Cruz is the random citizen.

Trump as any level headed person should think. Trump is horrible, and I won’t vote for him. Having said that, have you people never spent time in public? One of the primary reasons Trump would make such a bad president is he is a complete and total wildcard on things like foreign policy. Random person takes that up many orders of a magnitude worse.At least with Trump we know the guy competently has lived his life to 69 years old, raised seemingly well adjusted children, isn’t a drug addict, isn’t a violent felon, doesn’t suffer from a debilitating mental illness, can hold a job. Shit, the average person on the street is so bad they voted for Trump.

If you think Trump is bad, take a look at some of the candidates for lower offices around the country. There are countless worse than him.

To be clear, this post should not be considered a defense of Trump. It is firmly a criticism of the average person.

But the average person does not have a built in constituency and fan base. Trump as an individual is not the problem. The problem is that people will follow him because he’s on their team. If Average American Jamie Bloe does something stupid, neither party has a vested interest in propping him or her up. Even if he or she is a solid voter for a party, the party could still say “Hey, we didn’t choose this person. We’re not responsible.”

Definitely Trump.

The Joint Chiefs have probably already figured out how they are going to relieve Trump of Command if he goes off the rails and Trump will serve as a cautionary tale to the Republicans what happens when you entice the crazies to get in bed with you.


And this.

And this.

I loathe Trump, but the reason he “is where he is” is because there are million of random people who believe all the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth. And worse! Have you read a Facebook feed lately?

I think Trump would make GW Bush look like Teddy Roosevelt, and I’d gladly take him over your random 'merican any day.

Random citizen, and disturbing indeed to think we’re in a situation where I make such a statement in total seriousness.