Trump voters prefer Jefferson Davis as president to Barack Obama

I’m not surprised, but it still is kind of unreal that only 20% of Trump voters prefer Obama to Davis, and 45% prefer Davis. I assume the other 35% are undecided/don’t know.

Jefferson Davis was the president of the confederate states of America in case people didn’t know.

Yet Hillary was the bad guy for calling these people deplorable. They’d overwhelmingly prefer a slave owning, treasonous president who took up arms against the US over a black democrat as president. Deplorable doesn’t go far enough.

Do they know Davis was a Democrat? They somehow think it’s still significant that Lincoln was a Republican, but I’m not sure if they’ve followed that line of thought out to its conclusion.

I’m guessing they don’t know one damned thing about Davis or about Robert E. Lee except what they can glean from looking at statues of them.

I really don’t think these people are even that loyal to the republican party, I think they are loyal to white nationalism. Back in the confederacy, the democrats were the party of white nationalism. Now the republicans are. When the democrats started standing up for black people in the 1960s, most of the whites in the south left the democratic party and became republicans.

I didn’t vote for Trump, but I prefer Santa Clause over George Reeves. What conclusions can be made from that?

People who voted for Trump bad at picking Presidents

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That you don’t have a clue as to how to make whatever stupid point you’re trying to make. Also, you don’t know how to spell “Santa Claus.”

The fact that in 2017, Republican voters would rather have a treasonous, slave owning white nationalist as president over a black democrat.

Hey now, don’t forgot that some of them are probably idiots who don’t know who Jefferson Davis is.

Did the poll offer any kind of control question to drop the responses of people who didn’t know who Jefferson Davis was?

November 2016 called. It wants to know why its lesson about insulting the voter base hasn’t sunk in yet.

Because we honestly can’t think of any better way to deal with them? There’s no indication they can be talked to, and ignoring them certainly isn’t helping.

True, but since we still live in a democracy as far as I can tell, their views get representation proportionate to their voting numbers. So there really is no alternative to changing minds. Well, there is one: while you’ve been trying to drive these people out of respectable society, you forgot to abolish secret voting. So maybe the “drive them into the shadows” campaign didn’t get the results you were looking for.

Or you can just abolish secret ballots and make everyone publicly stand by their vote. That would probably work too.

Bricky, me boyo, they’re idjit moe-rons. Are we supposed to pat them on their heads and give them “Participant” trophies? I thought you were against Social Promotion.

Really? The party that has spent years and years insulting blacks, latinos, gays, women, people in big cities, people on the coasts, people who work in education, muslims, atheists, liberals, community activists, etc. now want to lecture about manners and not insulting voters?

Who cares at this point. I don’t want to be a part of a party that has voters who want Jefferson Davis as president. These are deplorable people. The kinds of people who like Jefferson Davis should be repulsed by the modern left. If they liked them, then the left would be doing something wrong.

Also Hillary won the popular vote, she just won it in the wrong states.

I’m insulted that you think calling someone who supports a traitorous slave owner for president ‘deplorable’ is somehow an unfair insult. Where’d you get that idea? What if I supported a political candidate who ran on putting all white conservative men in concentration camps, and you called me deplorable for thinking that way, and I started whining about how unfair you were?

How dare you call me deplorable for supporting massive human rights abuses and treason.

I second every word that Wesley wrote, except one. Things are beyond deplorable now. Those who are still supporting that man are despicable.

Also moronic. Barack Obama is not only better than Jefferson Davis(which is something I shouldn’t even have to say), he’s better than most Republican presidents of the post-war era too. I rate him ahead of GWB, Nixon, and Ford. And I REALLY don’t like Barack Obama.

No, that train has left the station.

These people are deplorable. We need more people to tell them that they’re deplorable. We don’t need to have people pandering to them.

Hillary Clinton was right. Donald Trump is wrong. November 2016 is calling and saying “You elected the wrong President.”

Snowflakes gonna snowflake.

I would venture to say that Jefferson Davis appeals to them because he is distinguished looking rebel. He was a president, so that means he was smart and knew all the legal justifications for establishing the Confederacy. So, that means he’s somebody book smart who holds their views.

Why do some kids like wearing Che Guevara shirts, even though they have no idea who he is? Because he’s a symbol of being rebellious while looking cool.

I know SDMB will largely attribute racism and white nationalism for reasons to support Davis, but I would dare to suggest that sometimes reasons can be much more shallow. Maybe they just think it looks fashionable.

While they might be deplorable, what is this going to accomplish other than to be satisfying? They’ll vote to reelect Trump.

And if Democrats want to stop pandering to deplorables, they need to have the courage of their convictions and just stop pandering to deplorables. I recall Clinton herself was guilty of that on more than one occasion before 2016. Democrats aren’t really lecturing here from a position of moral strength. They aren’t haters, but they’ve always been willing to pander to haters.

Democrats also need to make up their minds about what it means to be deplorable. As a general rule, anything Barack Obama ever said by definition cannot be deplorable, at least not for 20 years or so. So if someone says, “My faith says that marriage is between a man and a woman” that’s not deplorable. Or if someone says any of the things Michelle Obama said here:

That can't be deplorable either.